Jodi Rose From Alone: Here’s All We Know About Her

Image Credits: History Channel

With little supplies and no human contact, ten contestants face nature’s wrath in season 10 of ‘Alone.’ The survival show follows the self-documented journey of ten individuals as they overcome the biting cold of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Without anyone to rely on, the participants face off against the most dangerous aspects of the wild. The History Channel reality television show features survivalists competing to be the last person standing and winning the cash prize of $500,000. Jodi Rose is one of the ten courageous individuals on ‘Alone.’ If you’re also curious and want to learn more about the star, look no further because we’ve got all the information you want right here!

Childhood in the Wild: Jodi Rose’s Early Life

Born and brought up in the harsh terrain of Wyoming, 45-year-old Jodi’s induction into the wild came early on. Her childhood was feral and free; she learned the essence of survival as a young girl through her grandparents and parents. Jodi’s parents were fence builders and guides. So, she would also follow whenever her family had to travel for work. However, to counter the path’s difficulties, the family would traverse the harsh terrain of Wyoming on horseback. Throughout this time, Jodi was taught to be self-reliant. After completing her education, she ventured into other fields and explored her potential.

Jodi Rose’s Profession

Having received her training, Jodie decided to start a career in education. As an Education Management professional, she specializes in teaching and special education. In 2004, Jodie began working as a teacher, and over eight years, she steadily held this position and helped several students. In 2012, she decided to leave the industry and became a cattle rancher. The reality show star now owns a cattle ranch in the middle of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Additionally, Jodi owns a furniture business called Wild River Tables. To fulfill the orders for the furniture business, she spends five months of the year in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains to procure beetle-kill pine along with her family. Other than this, Jodi works on building epoxy river tables and other furniture for her business.

While Jodi’s avid experience in the field has allowed her to make consistent progress in her business, she also met with an unfortunate accident through her work. After accidentally landing on a piece of farming equipment, she severed most of her leg. After three years of recovery that wasn’t without mental battles, Jodi managed to find her place again. With no intention of letting her age become the precursor for her future, she continues to face life’s challenges and excels as a cattle rancher.

Jodi Rose’s Family Life: Partner and Five Children

Jodi Rose lives with her partner Frank, and the duo has five children together — Zak, Klayton, Josie, Josh, and Isac. Along with them, she runs her family cattle ranch and furniture business and takes care of her dogs. With the support of her family, Jodi applied to ‘Alone’ to test her limits and thrive by being self-reliant.

In addition to spending time with her family and working on her business, Jodi is a pious believer. She believes that to connect with the Almighty, one cannot forego nature. For Jodi, the bounty and abundance of the environment are the authentic way of connecting to God. As such, she continues to excel in numerous things, so we hope that the future holds more promises for her and that she continues to excel personally and professionally.

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