Are Joelma and Ronivon From Dating Around Brazil Still Together?

With just 25-30 minute long episodes that each follows an individual going on five blind dates to the same trendy place in the city, so as to find a partner worthy of a second date, Netflix’s ‘Dating Around‘ is one of the most binge-able and addictive reality dating series, which even the cynics can enjoy. Even the Brazil edition of it follows the same format and we can assure you, awkward pauses, flirtations, and fails are all a common factor, just like in a real-life first date.

Episode 3 of it, ‘An Independent Woman.’ follows the journey of Joelma as she tries to find her love and her happily ever after with a man who would support her as who she is and be with her at every step of the way.

Joelma and Ronivon: Dating Around Journey

Compared to the other participants of the show, Joelma is someone who has lived a much longer life. Having two adult kids and failed marriages might be something that restricts some people from entering into the dating world, but for the blonde beauty, it was the opposite. She wanted to meet new people, experience new things, exchange different ideas, and in the way, hopefully, find her partner. Being a hopeless romantic, it was obvious that she was looking for her own beautiful story, so she met up with João, Caio, Thiago, Henriques, and Ronivon.

Her friends mentioned in the beginning that she is someone who is always in a good mood, like a ray of sunshine, so it honestly was no surprise that all of her dates went extremely well. She opened up about her past to every single one of her potential suitors and even made them comfortable enough to talk about their lives as well. Except for Henriques, with whom Joelma seemed to be getting along quite well initially, every other guy got the opportunity to spend more time with her during after-hour drinks.

It is during this time that Ronivon really shone through, yes, they had hugged during dinner when he talked about his work and experience, but during drinks, their connection got deeper. They talked about feeling each other’s bright energy as soon as they had met and then, after a bit of hinting from both parties, they shared an intense kiss. Joelma had kissed her other dates as well, but it wasn’t like the one she had with Ronivon.

Therefore, keeping their long hug towards the end and their conversations in mind, it seemed evident that she would choose him for their second date, and we couldn’t be happier about it when she did. The best part of the entire episode, though, was that none of the men truly jumped the gun. She gave them free rein yes, but within a limit and they all respected that.

Are Joelma and Ronivon Still Together?

Joelma had said that Instagram to her is like a personal diary, however, because of contractual agreements with Netflix, she obviously couldn’t post anything about her relationship status on there, so, unfortunately, we have no idea about where she stands with Ronivon. We do hope that they are still together, though, after all, their bond was not just physical, it was spiritual as well as mindful.

Apart from that, Joelma is still concentrating on her work as a photographer and continues to picture empowering women to show the world that even with inhibitions, everyone is beautiful. During this pandemic, she is also focusing on her kids and spending time with her family. Even Ronivon seems to be doing the same, work and family are his priorities and he would not shake from it.

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