Are Juan and Monique From Dating Around Brazil Still Together?

Netflix’s fan-favorite original series ‘Dating Around’ has gone international, now giving us an honest and compelling look into the dating scene in Brazil. Following the same concept of an individual going on five first blind dates so as to find someone worthy enough for a second date, it includes all the common concepts of a reality series – a bit of drama, some romance, awkwardness, and a whole lot of human emotions.

Having all the realness and traditionalism of a normal first date, even the cynics can enjoy it. The fourth episode of the Brazil edition, ‘O Crush Perfeito,’ having singletons from São Paolo, Brazil, featured Juan aka Jota aka J, as he tried to find love and romance with a special someone and on the way found the beautiful Monique.

Juan and Monique: Dating Around Brazil Journey

As each episode starts, friends and family members of the singleton give us a quick introduction, basically giving us an insight into who the person is. And, according to them, Juan is the perfect chivalrous guy – romantic, affectionate, caring, talkative, and some who gets completely and utterly invested in his relationships. Being a singer-songwriter by profession, whatever he feels, he feels hard, so he also has a tendency to fall in love easily. But, after having been single for 9 months, he was ready to get into something serious again, and so, he met up with Monique, Nathalia, Mariely, Maria Clara, and Giovana.

None of his first five dates could be classified as bad let alone a disaster, but the instant spark that was between him and Monique, no one could deny. As soon as the two hugged and introduced themselves, they went into a light conversation about Juan calling himself J. That coupled up with her easy-going nature and his flirtation made them have the complete recipe for the start of something new and something good. There were some initial nerves but as soon as they settled down, they started talking, laughing, and flirting with one another.

A topic that could have easily been a little offensive, but wasn’t, because of the way Juan approached the subject, was that of Monique’s hair, or the lack thereof. And, when she explained that it was because of her religion, Juan got curious and asked her more about it. It was perfectly civil and yet it was also what made their connection stronger. The singer-songwriter was drawn to her, no doubt about it, and in their shared cab home, Monique made it evident that the feeling was mutual. He felt her hair, they laughed, they kissed, and so, Juan chose her.

Are Juan and Monique Still Together?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a little unclear at the moment. Because the show just recently came out and the pair are obviously under Netflix’s contract, they haven’t shared anything related to their personal life or relationship status on their social media accounts. Juan did refer to it as “one of the best experiences” he ever had on his Instagram, so we have hope that even if the pair aren’t romantically involved, they are still friends.

Juan proved that he was a good man over and over again on the show, and we genuinely do hope that, if he is single, he can find someone who understands and appreciates his love and career of music quite soon. Monique, on the other hand, is still her positive and strong self. According to her Instagram, she is distributing her time between Sāo Paulo and Santos and is currently working as an instructor and athlete for the Furions Fight Team.

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