Are Joey and Miranda From ‘The Circle’ Together?

‘The Circle’ gained a large fan following for its unique and relatable concept. Feel-good and refreshing, the show made us fall in love with its quirky and cute participants. While some participants had us rooting for them till the end, some were downright annoying. The series is based on the concept of virtual communication. Participants are locked in an apartment for two weeks without any access to the outside world. The only way they can communicate with each other is through a social media platform called ‘The Circle’. The Circle’s interface and design are quite similar to that of Instagram but with a few modifications to suit the requirements of the show.

Each participant can choose to play as themselves or take on a whole new personality if they opt to become a catfish. The show tests the bonds that the participants form with each other, which can either help them survive in the game or get them blocked by the top-rated players. More players are added subsequently in each episode.

The Circle was won by Joey Sasso and he took home a $100,000 cheque.

Joey and Miranda: The Circle Journey

Joey was one of the original cast members who had arrived on the show on day 1. Even though the audience didn’t like his gangster-jock personality initially, they eventually warmed up to him when he opened up and showed his sweet mama’s boy side. Joey took the slow and steady approach towards winning the show.

One of the biggest advantages that he had was that he played as his real and true self among a sea of catfishes, and no one ever doubted his authenticity. He also turned out to be a very loyal friend who was helpful and kind and kept himself on the chopping block just to save his friends. Things like these earned him a lot of love and respect from his competitors and the viewers too.

Joey had a very close relationship with another participant, Shubham. Joey lovingly called him ‘Shoobie’. Their bromance made them popular contestants on the show as they had each other’s back till the very end. Joey also became a brother to Sammie and formed a good relationship with Chris. It was a proud moment for them as they saw themselves standing next to each other in the finale. They had vowed to protect the original cast members from the beginning.

Miranda was a newcomer who entered the show a bit later. She was cast as a replacement to a player who had gotten blocked from the show. Naturally, she was a bit behind and had a lot of catching up to do. She talked to quite a few players to get up to speed about what had happened on the show so far. She gained some helpful insights from others, but she never managed to snatch the spotlight. Laying low and playing from the shadows didn’t help her case, and she didn’t manage to form a strong bond with anyone except Joey.

Miranda first started talking to Joey when she realized he was a bit flirtatious and had a weak spot for beautiful girls. Sammie and Miranda had a small competition wherein they challenged each other to retrieve a suggestive emoji from Joey. Joey, unaware of the planning, played along innocently. Miranda managed to get a suggestive emoji from Joey and won the game. This is how they got talking, and when Miranda opened up to him about her troubled family life, Joey consoled her and comforted her. That made their friendship really strong.

Ironically, it was Joey who blocked Miranda from the game because he had run out of options. Remorseful and guilty, he apologized to her when she came to see him before leaving the show. They hugged it out and spent some time together. They even shared a sweet little kiss and Joey asked her out. Miranda accepted.

Are Joey and Miranda Dating?

The jury is still out on whether Joey and Miranda are dating. Though, both of them did go out on that promised date and had a lot of fun. Miranda even came over to LA and stayed over at Joey’s place. They consider each other as best friends and close confidants. They have been talking every day and spending a lot of time together.

When Joey posted that his mother was his Valentine for 2020, fans were disappointed. But he assured his followers that all was well and they were still in each other’s lives. He told the media that he couldn’t confirm or deny anything. They are more than friends but not committed to each other right now, and he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. He confessed that he doesn’t know what the future has in store for them, but he loves her as a friend as she is one of the most amazing people he has ever met. Joey appreciates that fans ship him with Miranda, and he hopes for the best.

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