When Will The Circle Return on Netflix?

‘The Circle’ is a reality competition tv series that premiered on Netflix in January 2020. The game revolves around an eponymous social media platform and hence the name. Bringing in vibes of ‘Nosedive’ from ‘Black Mirror‘, ‘Catfish‘, and ‘Big Brother’, it is a mix of several reality themes.

No wonder, the show, soon after its premiere, garnered positive reviews from critics. Viewers also praised its concept of introducing a diverse cast, which showcases a blend of different personalities. According to another critic, ‘The Circle’ is a “brutally honest reflection of the fractured way we attempt to connect to each other today.”

Now with season 1 having concluded, fans are curious to know what holds for the future of this unique series. Will ‘The Circle’ season 2 return on Netflix? If yes, when? Let’s dive right in.

The Circle Cast: Who is in it?

The Circle is hosted by Michelle Buteau. Joining her in the game are 13 players in season 1. They are Alana Duval, Antonio DePína, Karyn Blanco, Miranda Bissonnette, Bill Cranley, Alex Lake, Sean Taylor, Ed Eason & Tammy Eason (mother-son duo playing as Ed), Seaburn Williams, Chris Sapphire, Samantha “Sammie” Cimarelli, Shubham Goel, and Joey Sasso.

When the casting for season 1 was ongoing, the producers stressed on two major criteria – grasp on social media handles and diversity. EP Tim Harcourt explained, “We wanted people from lots of different backgrounds. Other reality shows, whether it’s ‘Real Housewives’ or ‘Jersey Shore,’ they’re all one gang of quite similar characters. What ‘The Circle’ gave us the opportunity to do was cast a very diverse net across the United States. One of the positive things social media does is it can connect people who otherwise might not have come into contact with each other, so I thought it was quite nice to replicate that in the casting.”

In the first season, Joey Sasso takes up the first place as the winner, followed by Shubham Goel as the runner-up. Season 2 is expected to see Buteau resume her hosting duties while introducing a whole new crew of fresh players.

What is The Circle about?

The Circle introduces a sort of an influencer premise with 13 players who are housed in the same apartment but in separate rooms. They don’t see or hear each other physically. The only mode of interaction is through a social media platform called The Circle, where they create a profile, upload a picture, write a bio, and use a name. But here’s the twist — they can either disclose their actual selves or adopt a different persona, thereby taking the catfishing route.

The contestants update their statuses and communicate through group and personal chats. They are then rated on the basis of their influencing capabilities. The top two players in each round select which participant will be blocked, who is then eliminated from the game. The primary concept is — influence your fellow social media mates to vote for you to stay. The winner takes home a grand prize of $100,000.

The season 1 finale follows the last-remaining players as they meet one another, face-to-face, for the first time. Seaburn reveals that he was catfishing Shubham, a fact that is disclosed to all the other housemates. On the last night of the season, Michelle Buteau unravels the final ratings. We learn that Joey Sasso wins with Shubham in second place, followed by Sammie, Chris, and Seaburn respectively.

Season 2, when renewed, will stick closely to the same format. There may be slight twists introduced in the midst of the gaming format — which we will add to this section as we learn more.

When is The Circle Season 2 Release Date?

The Circle season 1 premiered on January 1, 2020, on Netflix, with first four episodes. The next set of four episodes were dropped on January 8, 2020, and the season came to an end with its last four episodes on January 15, 2020.

Netflix hasn’t officially announced if their reality series has been renewed for another season. In fact, it is too early to expect any update right now. But it seems the streamer has high expectations from the show. This is because Netflix is already planning to launch its French and Brazilian versions in the next couple of months.

Hence, considering the response that the series has received and Netflix’s willingness to launch it on a bigger scale, ‘The Circle’ should receive a renewal in the coming months. If filming commences according to season 1′ schedule, we can expect ‘The Circle’ season 2 to premiere sometime in January 2021.

The Circle Trailer:

While we wait for an update on season 2, you can watch the season 1 trailer below:

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