Here Are Our Top Contenders to Win The Circle Season 2

Hoping to be named the Top Influencer and take home the grand prize of $100,000, contestants try to figure out who’s real and who’s a catfish as they get to know each other on a unique social media platform in Netflix’s ‘The Circle.’ Following its massive success in 2020, this reality series has returned with its second installment, and this time, it’s filled with more twists, turns, and drama than before.

But let’s be honest, because we’ve seen Season 1 and understand that only the most authentic people end up at the top positions – like Joey Sasso, Shubham Goel, and Sammie Cimarelli did – it is the realness behind the players’ words that matters. With that in mind, knowing that you have to be genuine to win ‘The Circle USA,’ here are the four people who we think are most likely to conquer this season.

Chloe Veitch

As ‘The Circle,’ at its basics, is simply a popularity game, Chloe Veitch has the most advantage out of all the other contestants, and it’s not because she was a part of another one of Netflix’s original reality shows. No, ‘Too Hot to Handle’ actually has nothing to do with it. The simple reason why this influencer has the edge over the other players is that, no matter what, she is always her authentic self.

Whether it’s goofy, boy-struck, annoyed, or happy, Chloe has no problems displaying all sides of her, which might ultimately result in her creating alliances that can change the entire course of the game. On ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ she admitted that she’s “quite ditzy” and that some people have “to be really patient with me.” But even then, she was honest about who she is and what she was looking for.

Courtney Revolution

Our second guess about who might win ‘The Circle’ Season 2 is none other than “barista,” or online entertainment host, Courtney Revolution. From what we’ve seen so far, Courtney tries his best to be honest with the people he has one-on-one conversations with. Moreover, even when he doesn’t like somebody, he remains as cordial as possible, which, in turn, probably makes him the most likable.

While some people might think that his ways and actions are scheming and hypocritical, it’s simply a strategy that may work for him in the long run. After all, due to his ability to face adversity, he has already shown that he can handle tense situations, arguments, and drama like a pro. Thus, the combination of his enthusiasm, nature, and charming smile, makes him one of the top contenders.

Lee Swift, aka River

As a 58-year-old author from Dallas, Texas, pretending to be a 20-something university student and waiter, Lee Swift, aka River, is the one player who we believe can catfish his way to the top. So far, not only has he made no enemies or gotten into any disputes with the other contestants, but he genuinely seems to be a nice guy. He makes it look like he’s on ‘The Circle’ to make lifelong connections.

One of the main reasons for that is the bond Lee managed to create with both Bryant Wood and Terilisha within a short period. And yes, although he is lying to everyone about his age, looks, and “recent” heartbreaking relationship, everything else is authentically him, which gets highlighted with his every action. In other words, with Lee’s skill set for the written word and personality, he could be a finalist for sure.

Deleesa Saint, aka Trevor

Despite being a catfish, even Deleesa Saint, pretending to be her husband Trevor, is a genuine person whose personality shines through. By incorporating truths with her lies, she stays true to herself and plays the game very strategically. Moreover, the fact that she has notes from her husband about sports and other topics that might arise during one-on-one conversations shows that she’s determined to stick to her game plan. Deleesa’s connections, though, formed by just being herself, give her an edge over everyone else.

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