Where Are Deleesa Saint and Trevor From The Circle Now?

‘The Circle,’ or ‘The Circle US,’ introduces us to some truly fascinating individuals as they compete using their wits, charm, and authenticity to bag a grand prize worth $100,000. Based on the British version of the same name, this reality series’ concept of being a popularity game remains the same. The catch, though, is that the players can only interact with one another via an internal social media app, making the possibility of face-to-face confrontation impossible. And utilizing this concept to the full in season 2 is Deleesa Saint, or Leesa Unique, who enters ‘The Circle’ as her husband, Trevor Saint.

Who Are Leesa Unique and Trevor Saint?

As a 32-year-old stay-at-home mother from New York, Leesa Unique decided to enter this competition series as her husband, Trevor, to avoid the stigma of being a woman on social media and the cattiness that she assumed would surely ensue. With their daughter playing a role as well, Leesa chose to make Trevor a single father so as to generate an opportunity to befriend and flirt her way to popularity.

However, she said she would stay true to herself, all the while being strategic about who she connects with and makes her allies. As for Trevor, from what we can tell from their social media platforms, he appears to have been entirely supportive of his wife’s decision to do what she wants and how she wants it. Therefore, Leesa’s journey on ‘The Circle’ began as a catfish which included the entire Saints family.

Where Are Leesa Unique and Trevor Saint Now?

Leesa Unique may call herself a stay-at-home mother on the show, but the truth is that she’s an entrepreneur and video creator through and through. Not only does she have an online boutique and gift shop named Be Unique Shoppe and Goodie Box, respectively, but she also manages several YouTube channels that include everything from beauty to lifestyle and family to podcasts and ASMR.

In fact, with nearly 50k followers on her Instagram as of writing this, she can easily be considered a fashion and family influencer. Leesa’s uploads vary quite a bit, but she has always made it clear that her children and her family are her top priority. We say children because The Saints family’s Instagram and YouTube accounts show that Leesa and Trevor have Baby Saint #2, another daughter, on the way.

As for Trevor St. Agathe, whenever he’s not spending time with his family or working with his wife on their combined audio/video projects, he serves as a Lead Performance Specialist or Coach at P3, an applied sports science/ management company. Along with that, in his Instagram bio, Trevor calls himself a husband, a father, an athlete, and a hope dealer, making his love for fitness very transparent.

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