Where Was The Circle Season 2 Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ is a reality series that invites contestants from all walks of life to isolate themselves into separate apartments in the same building so as to play a game like no other. All of them remain together yet apart in an attempt to stay popular amongst their peers without ever meeting them face-to-face. Their only companion is a voice-activated specially designed titular social media platform, and their sole means of communication with each other is via the profiles they’ve created.

With $100,000 at stake, the players can display themselves as whoever they want — themselves, an edited version of who they are, or someone else entirely, making it clear that not everything is as it seems. Through the entire routine of rankings and blockings, as online chats are the only interactions between the participants, misunderstanding, fights, and cattiness go to a whole other level. Now that we’ve covered what the show ‘The Circle’ is all about, let’s take a look at its filming details!

The Circle Season 2 Filming Locations

For ‘The Circle,’ the producers have gone to great extents to make it look like the filming took place in the United States of America, with drone footage of iconic landmarks dotting the way as we go. However, that is not the case — this unprecedented dystopian-tech reality series is filmed entirely in the United Kingdom, more specifically in Salford, Greater Manchester.

To be honest, it’s not all that surprising. After all, the production company behind the show, Studio Lambert, is a British television firm, with one of its bases being in Manchester.

Salford, England

From what we can tell, ‘The Circle US,’ two seasons of ‘The Circle UK,’ ‘The Celebrity Circle UK,’ ‘The Circle Brazil,’ and ‘The Circle France’ are all filmed in a specially-designed apartment block in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. The building, which is a part of the Adelphi Wharf development, is about 15 minutes away from Manchester City Centre, near River Irwell. Moreover, as we see in the episodes, it includes a yoga room, a rooftop garden, a jacuzzi, and a gym.

During the show’s filming, the building’s exterior has a massive LED circle on it, but otherwise, it’s just as plain as any other structure. As per reports, a flat in the construction costs £95,000 – £145,000 ($130,600 – $199,000), and the interior design that we see, from the plush pillows to the installed devices, reportedly costs up to £4000 ($5,500) a room. Surprisingly, as per Martin Holmes, producers managed to film two seasons of ‘The Circle’ – seasons 2 and 3 – in one go in the fall of 2020, all the while adhering to the COVID-19 regulations.

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