John and Linda Erickson: Heidi Firkus’ Parents Are Leading a Quiet Life Now

When Heidi Firkus met and got acquainted with Nicholas “Nick” Firkus through their church’s youth group, her parents, John and Linda Erickson, were pretty happy. It did not take long for the youngsters to fall in love, and once they decided to tie the knot, her parents gave the two their blessings. However, things took a dark turn a few years later as first responders arrived at the Firkus residence on April 25, 2010, to find Heidi shot to death. ABC’s ’20/20: Stranger in the House’ chronicles the horrific murder and follows the investigation that brought the perpetrator to justice. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the crime and find out where Heidi’s parents are at present, shall we?

Who Are Heidi Firkus’ Parents?

Heidi Firkus was John and Linda Erickson’s youngest daughter. She grew up alongside two other siblings in a loving and close-knit family and shared an excellent bond with her parents. People who know the Ericksons described them as loving and caring individuals who never hesitated to help others in need and always welcomed everyone with a smile. They even maintained friendly relationships with others around them and were known for providing their children with a healthy environment to grow up in.

Incidentally, John and Linda were pretty happy when they learned that Heidi had met Nick Firkus through their church’s youth group. Nick initially appeared to be an upright young man, and her parents were only too glad to bless the couple. Even after Heidi and Nick tied the knot and settled in St. Paul, Minnesota, they maintained a solid bond with her parents. Yet, Linda later mentioned that even though Nick was responsible for managing their finances, he kept his in-laws from knowing about the financial hole they had dug themselves into. Furthermore, John and Linda had no idea that their daughter and her husband were about to be evicted from their home.

Things ultimately boiled over on April 25, 2010, when 911 operators received a call from Heidi Firkus informing them about a possible home invasion. However, by the time first responders reached the scene, they found Heidi dead with a gunshot wound in her back, while Nick had a superficial bullet wound on his leg. Later, he insisted he was wrestling the intruder for control of his shotgun when the weapon went off, injuring him and killing his wife.

Naturally, John and Linda Erickson were devastated to learn of their daughter’s demise, but they did not suspect Nick at that moment. It was only when the police began investigating the incident that it came to light there was no evidence of a forced entry but Nick’s DNA was on the murder weapon. On top of it, they also learned about the couple’s financial situation, which gave the husband a proper motive for murder. Nevertheless, he kept insisting on the presence of an intruder and even-handed authorities a privately made sketch of someone who looked like convicted criminal Michael Pye. Still, Michael was soon cleared as a suspect, and the investigation reached a standstill.

Meanwhile, Nick married his second wife, Rachel Firkus, in 2012, and the two went on to have three children. Yet, Rachel suspected Nick of being involved in Heidi’s murder, and when she confronted her husband, he refused to give her a straightforward answer. Unbeknown to all, Rachel had secretly recorded the conversation, and by 2019 she decided to divorce him and move on. But it still took two more years for the police to complete their investigation as Nick was ultimately charged with Heidi’s murder in 2021.

Where Are Heidi Firkus’ Parents Now?

Linda and John Erickson, along with most of their family, attended Nick Firkus’ murder trial. They had been fighting to get Heidi justice for a long time and were relieved when he was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2023. Once the trial ended, Heidi’s parents returned to their everyday life and embraced privacy. At present, they prefer to keep their personal lives under wraps while maintaining a limited presence on social media. However, from the looks of it, Linda and John are still together, and they maintain a wonderful bond with their remaining children. We should also report that Heidi’s brother, Peter Erickson, is now married to Jolene Erickson. On top of it, Linda and John currently appear to reside in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and we wish them the best for the years to come.

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