Jon & Kate Plus 8: Where Are The Gosselin Family Members Now?

Following the lives of couple Kate and Jon Gosselin, the hit reality television show ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ is a documentary-style reality show. Exemplifying the struggles and drama in a household with numerous members, the hit TLC show follows the countless arguments between Jon and Kate as they raise their eight children. With a pair of twins and sextuplets, Jon and Kate are far from an ordinary couple.

The show first premiered in 2007 and was rebranded as ‘Kate Plus 8’ in 2009 and remained on-air for a decade. Naturally, fans wonder where are the reality television stars now. Luckily, we’ve got all the information right here!

Kate and Jon Gosselin Are Navigating Their Lives Post-Divorce

With unprecedented ratings, Kate and Jon Gosselin had enraptured countless through their relationship. The conclusion of their marriage had become a sensation, making their divorce far from amicable. After announcing their separation on the show, Kate filed for divorce in 2009 after her ex-husband was caught leaving a bar at night with their nanny. The mother of eight had even filed a federal lawsuit against Jon in 2013 for retrieving personal information for a tell-all book. However, she later dropped the suit.

The conclusion of the show in 2017 saw the fizzling fame of the reality television star and a major lifestyle change. Kate Gosselin returned to nursing and even relocated from Pennsylvania to Troutman, North Carolina. After moving to North Carolina and selling their Pennsylvania home for $1.1 million in February 2021, Jon claimed that Kate wasn’t sufficiently providing for the children. In 2019, Kate received yet another reality show called, ‘Kate Plus Date.’ However, due to low ratings, the series only lasted six episodes. On the personal front, Kate hasn’t dated anyone since millionaire Jeff Prescott and now chooses to live a life outside of media.

After his decade-old marriage with Kate ended in 2009, Jon Gosselin faced a number of issues. Ironically, the couple had been involved in a legal battle for fourteen years, four years longer than their marriage. Besides the issues that ensued long after their divorce, Jon suffered a strong bout of Covid-19. Despite the toll his health took, he returned to the screen and appeared on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ in 2021.

After fully recovering, he joined an Amazon fulfillment center in Pennsylvania and later shifted as an IT director at a non-profit healthcare facility in 2022. On the personal front, Jon ended his seven-year relationship with Colleen Conrad in 2019. Additionally, Jon has continued to DJ at local bars and has even released a hip-hop track with DJ Casper titled, ‘Voicemail.’

The Twins Are Thriving in Their Professional Lives Today

Cara and Mady were only six when their family became a household name through the TLC series, ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8.’ Nearly two decades since its premiere, Cara and Mady are now fully grown. Since the custody of all eight children was initially given to Kate, Cara, and Mady lived with their mother and attended Lancaster Country Day School until they headed off to college in 2019.

Cara Gosselin decided to head to Fordham University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics. She is now based in New York and works as an Analyst with the Bank of America. On the other hand, Madelyn Gosselin is earning a Bachelor of Arts in English Film, Screen Studies, and Art History from Syracuse University.

In addition to earning her degree, Mady also works as a part-time copywriter at Salt City Market and a Community and Customer Service Junior Associate at Bubble. Despite the different paths that Cara and Mady have taken, the two girls continue to make their parents proud.

The Sextuplets Are Following Their Interests Today

Roughly three at the time ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ first premiered, the sextuplets Aaden, Colin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah, and Leah have now turned nineteen. Despite the fame they saw growing up, additional issues always lingered around the sextuplets. After their parents were divorced, the initial custody of the sextuplets was handed to Kate Gosselin.

A decade after their divorce, Jon Gosselin had made a number of claims concerning the living conditions of his estranged children. Additionally, Jon has held full custody of Hannah since 2015. While Jon has showcased his concern for his children’s living conditions, Kate has not responded to the allegations. In 2018, Jon was also granted full custody of Colin after Kate and her lawyer did not turn up for the custodial hearing.

While Hannah’s shift from her mother to her father’s house may have been amicable, Colin’s shift was far from so. The father of the sextuplets had claimed that Kate had traumatized their son Colin by sending him away to a special needs institution for three years, which is when Colin pleaded with his dad to bail him out. Jon had even provided a note allegedly penned by Colin: “..She was abusive to me after I left your house. I’m sorry. Take this to court’re my dad, my saviour…I’m counting on you to get me out of here.” However, in 2020, Colin accused his dad of physical abuse, to which Jon and Hannah refused in an interview with Daily Mail.

And so, years after the show’s conclusion, the Gosselin clan faces internal strife and is still working out their issues. Except for Colin and Hannah, the other children have no relationship with their father and have been estranged ever since their parent’s divorce.

As for the other sextuplets, all children have graduated high school and are pursuing their respective interests. Hannah has launched her own beauty line called Gosselin Girl Beauty, and Colin even enlisted in the military. The other children choose to keep away from the public eye. Nevertheless, we hope that the family continues to excel and achieve great strides personally and professionally in the years to come!

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