Jonathan Jacob Meijer’s Net Worth: His Total Earnings from Sperm Donations

Since Dutch native Jonathan Jacob Meijer is professionally not only a musician and YouTuber but also a sperm donor, it is actually believed he has upwards of 550 children across the globe. This much has even been explored in Netflix’s ‘The Man With 1000 Kids,’ with the 1000 number coming from estimations considering he began in 2007 and his efforts have been difficult to track in totality. However, what intrigued us most in this docuseries is that this world traveler leads quite an adventure-filled life too, making us wonder how much wealth he has accumulated over the years.

How Did Jonathan Jacob Meijer Earn His Money?

Although Jonathan first came across the overall concept of sperm donation through an infertile friend when he was just in college preparing to establish a career as a Social Studies teacher, it wasn’t until a few years later that he seriously began thinking of getting involved himself. He has since indicated in his YouTube videos he still believes this to be a spiritually fulfilling path because there’d be nothing in it for him, yet that is not entirely true — he got paid per donation. Plus, the fact he allegedly duped many fertility clinics, made private contributions, and even got involved with international organizations like Cryos means he likely earned more than his fair share.

Image Credit: Jonathan Jacob Meijer/YouTube

According to the aforementioned original, Jonathan donated his seed to at least 11 fertility clinics across the Netherlands despite having signed a written agreement with all of them stating he wouldn’t be active for other medical institutions or women because of the limit. In this European nation, regulation apparently dictates a sperm donor can have a maximum of 25 kids, whereas some other countries specify a donor can help create 10-12 families (plus all siblings). However, in 2017, an investigation by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport confirmed he’d fathered at least 102 children in his homeland alone, yet it didn’t count his private donations.

It turns out Jonathan was allegedly one of the people behind the major unregulated website Verlangen naar een Kind (translation: Longing for a Child), which connected people for private donations. He was ostensibly behind most of the people named on this site, and every time he met a new client, his MO was to iterate he only wished to help a total of five parents build the family they desire. Yet, the truth is he did many more, and at an international level, all the while also purportedly visiting Cryos International’s headquarters for a week once a month for a few years to donate as much as possible so that his seed can be accessible worldwide without issues.

Jonathan Jacob Meijer’s Earnings From Sperm Donations

From what we can tell, a sperm donor usually makes around €40-€80 per approved donation to a fertility clinic, and they can visit one up to 14 times a month in order to help struggling women conceive. Therefore, with Jonathan having been affiliated with a total of 11 such institutions, we assume he visited one roughly ten approved times for three months before moving on, making his income from the same (average €60 x 10 x 3 x 11) approximately €20,000. Then there’s the fact he supposedly charged €165 plus travel expenses for private donations, so assuming he has about 300 kids worldwide via this method, his revenue here would be €49,500.

Coming to the international platform Cryos, it has been reported Jonathan maxed out on his sperm being shipped to several of the countries they have on their list of over 100, with their limit being 25-50 kids total. Therefore, with them paying $35 per donation, with an additional $30 per approval, and an extra $250 following six months of quarantine testing, we can only estimate he contributed 400 times, with his total success rate being around 100, making his gains ($14,000 + $28,000) $29,400. So, with his private donations, fertility clinic offerings, and other possible unclear associations, we believe Jonathan Jacob Meijer’s net worth is close to $100,000 if we only consider his earnings from 12+ years of actively engaging in mass sperm donation.

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