Are Josh and Sophie From Love Island UK Still Together?

Filled with stars from past seasons of the show, the eleventh iteration of ‘Love Island UK’ has easily become a fan favorite. Also known as ‘Love Island: All Stars,’ the star-studded installment is available on Peacock and has given the viewers many couples to root for. This includes Joshua “Josh” Ritchie and Sophie Piper, whose instant connection and chemistry allowed them to be in the finals of the competition. Naturally, the viewers are eager to see if their on-screen romance has carried over to real life.

Josh and Sophie Easily Fell For Each Other

Josh Ritchie actually arrived on the show on Day 4 and was given a chance to go on dates with three different girls. For this, he picked Georgia Steel, Georgia Harrison, and Hannah Elizabeth. When the time came for him to choose his partner, he picked Harrison. However, it did not take long for things to change when Sophie Piper entered the show. She was also given the choice to go on dates with three men and picked Josh, Chris Taylor, and Toby Aromolaran.

The connection between Josh and Sophie certainly was a strong one, something that the viewers also seemed to realize as they voted to pair Sophie with Josh. What followed next was a steady connection between the two that the world surely but slowly started to fall for. From easy-flowing conversations to obvious attraction, there were many reasons why the couple’s romance easily became a favorite of the viewers.

As for Josh and Sophie, they also could not help but cherish their moments together on the show. The first date Sophie had with Josh was a favorite of hers, though she also seemed quite ecstatic about the date that Josh had thrown together for Valentine’s Day. These are sentiments that Josh also has echoed; he has always enjoyed the vibes that he has with Sophie. Since the first time that Josh and Sophie became an official pair on the show, they remained by each other’s side.

Given the strong connection between Josh and Sophie, it was hardly a wonder to many that they were one of the top 5 couples in the show. While many wanted the two to become the winners, Josh and Sophie had to bow out of the competition at the third place, as decided by the votes. However, that did not stop the two of them from continuing to express their delight in the fact that they had found each other through the show, with Josh even hoping that Sophie would be his girlfriend in the future.

Josh and Sophie Are in a Relationship

We are happy to share that Josh Ritchie and Sophie Piper are still together. Given the couple’s earnest affection towards each other, the news of them being in a relationship has delighted many. The news has been confirmed by Rochelle Humes, the star of ‘This Morning,’ who shared the development on the show only a few days after the couple’s exit from ‘Love Island: All Stars.’ Rochelle is Sophie’s sister and explained how she “met my sister’s new boyfriend for the first time.”

Rochelle humorously shared how Josh had refused to eat the pot roast she had made when the two met each other for the first time, though it does not seem like she took it as an insult. She added that she was warming up to Sophie’s boyfriend. The fact that Josh has now met Sophie’s family is certainly a promising step for their relationship’s future. Even on social media, the couple continues to share pictures with each other, indicating that they are spending their days in the real world in each other’s company.

In fact, just after Josh and Sophie returned home from the show, they shared a picture of them together with the caption “Just the beginning,” confirming that the two are looking forward to their future together. More recently, Josh shared another picture of him and Sophie from a “date night,” much to the joy of their fans, who have been rooting for the two for a long time and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.

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