Molly and Tom: Are The Love Island UK All Stars Winners Still Together?

Featuring some of the biggest names from the ‘Love Island UK’ franchise, the eleventh season of the Peacock series is aptly called ‘Love Island: All Stars.’ Given just how popular most of its cast members are, it is hardly a surprise that the couple that is formed on the show is able to capture the interest of the viewers. This holds even more true for Molly Smith and Tom Clare, whose status as the most beloved pair from the season is certainly undeniable given their victory.

Molly and Tom Remained By Each Other’s Side

Having entered the British series on its very day, Molly Smith had initially been paired with Callum Jones. The two had actually entered after the initial pairing had been decided, and Callum was given a chance to steal any girl or be with Molly. Given his past with her in season 6 of the show, Callum decided to see if he and Molly might be able to rekindle the spark between them. However, it was not long before both parties realized that they wanted to explore their connections with others and did not see a future with each other.

For Molly, the decision to choose a new partner was made relatively easy when Tom Clare entered the show. The new resident of the villa was given a chance to go on dates with three of the housemates, for which he chode Molly, Arabella Chi, and Georgia Steel. The public was then given a chance to pair Tom with a female participant of their choice, and it was Molly who was paired with Tom, a decision that many would come to appreciate

Both Molly and Tom soon found themselves falling into an easy and loving partnership that the viewers could not help but adore. Their affection for each other increased day by day, and throughout their time on the show, they remained by each other’s side during the coupling ceremony. The two even went on a date that they later admitted was their best memory of the show. Additionally, Tom gave Molly a stuffed dog named Nelly on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, something that she and the viewers could not help but appreciate.

The public opinion towards Molly and Tom was certainly a clear one. Not only had it been the viewers who initially helped the couple get together, but the two had also been named as the hottest and the most intelligent duo on the show. As such, it hardly surprised many that the two were able to make it to the finals while standing by each other’s side throughout. Now amongst the top 5, the two were dependent upon the public vote, which certainly worked in their favor given that they were declared as the winners of the star-studded season.

Molly and Tom Are Happily Together

Having won ‘Love Island: All Stars,’ Molly Smith and Tom Clare were certainly looking forward to going back home but for more reasons than one. In her post-show interview, Molly’s words indicated that the two were indeed planning on continuing their relationship. “Tom is coming to Manchester. I can’t wait to go on normal dates and get back to reality,” she shared, with Molly herself being a resident of Manchester, UK, though Tom did add that the move was also meant for him to get closer to his family and reignite his passion for football.

Since then, both Molly and Tom have confirmed that they are looking forward to spending more and more time with each other in the future. ” I walked in and got the girl I wanted from day one; it’s the start of something really special with me and Molly. She means so much to me, and walking in the Villa for the second time, I was unsure if I’d actually meet someone, but I genuinely feel like I’ve found someone amazing in Mol who I can’t wait for the future with,” Tom shared in an Instagram post.

Molly certainly seems to be on the same wavelength as Tom and has also confessed her emotions through social media. “I feel so lucky and grateful to have had such an amazing experience and left with someone very special who I’m excited for the future with,” she stated, referring to Tom. The couple’s continued partnership has certainly made their fans happy, with many looking forward to the life that they will be building in the near future..

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