Are Journey and Talia From Love on the Spectrum US Still Together?

Love on the Spectrum US‘ is an entertaining and educating dating series that centers around several individuals on the autism spectrum as they explore the complex world of dating and romance to find their happily ever afters. The best part is that everyone is simply asked to be themselves to give us a proper insight into how their relationships are different yet not while still being helped to navigate them. In season 2, one such individual is Journey, who is loud and proud, just as she should be. So now, let’s find out more about her and her final match Taila, shall we?

Journey and Talia’s Love on the Spectrum Journey

Journey was 17 when she was diagnosed with autism, but she has thankfully always had an unwavering support system in them. Whether it be friends or family, her loved ones have never made her feel out of place or different, whether it be for her disorder or her sexuality. Thus, it’s not surprising that her dream is to one day have a friendship-based and pure love like that of her parents. Unfortunately, as she also has anxiety, her mind usually jumps to the what-ifs of terrible relationships and horrific breakups whenever she thinks about a date. This ends up pulling her back from that experience altogether.

Thanks to a session with relationship specialist, Journey was ready to take her first steps into the dating world, and that’s how she met Kara and Talia. Journey knew she prefers personality over everything, but she liked the former only as a friend. She admitted as much to Kara, and ended up with a friend in her. With the latter, it was pure attraction and giddyness. Her time with Talia was a little more serious, yet she felt rather good about it since she saw it as a heart-to-heart and ended up securing a second date as well.

Are Journey and Talia Still Together?

Journey and Talia  ended their stint on ‘Love on the Spectrum’ with the update that they’d built a connection and had gone as far as to go on more dates before parting ways. Therefore, today, they’re no more and no less than just great friends. We can say this for sure because Journey’s social media presence indicates as such, wherein she also specifies she’s now a pastry student and pursuing her dream career. In other words, this Chicago, Illinois native is single and content with her life right now. Unfortunately, not much is known about the latter, who as per the last reports, was working in a museum and doing her best to build a good life for herself.

“With my autism, I think I can see more of people’s inner thoughts,” Journey had once explained. “I can care more about people and their feelings. With this power, you understand people and the world differently. Unlike other people I see with a different eye – like a bumble bee’s point of view…it is [a] difference. My power is I see through people and see very deeply.” Therefore, we are confident that her ability to empathize and her sunny personality will guide her to the relationship she believes is right for her.

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