Julie Cordova: Where is Sabrina Limon’s Sister Now?

The city of Tehachapi, California, witnessed a horrific incident when Robert Limon was shot and killed at his work on August 17, 2014. Although the police initially believed it to be a robbery gone wrong, they soon found evidence that hinted at a homicide. ’20/20: Unholy Matrimony’ chronicles the gruesome murder and follows the investigation that led straight to Robert’s wife, Sabrina Limon, and her lover, Jonathan Hearn. The conviction shocked most, including Sabrina’s sister, Julie Cordova.

Who is Julie Cordova?

A resident of Camarillo, California, Julie Cordova was close to the Limon family. Although she was only related to Sabrina by blood, Robert considered her a part of the family, and the Limon children were quite fond of their aunt. While most describe Julie as loving, kindhearted, and generous, she prefers to care for everyone from behind the scenes. Furthermore, in her years of association with the Limons, she insisted that nothing looked out of the ordinary, and homicide was the last thing on everyone’s mind. Julie had no idea about Sabrina’s extramarital affair and was convinced she was wrongfully convicted.

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Robert, who was employed as a Mechanic with a local railroad company, was working at a facility in Tehachapi, California, on August 17, 2014, when an assailant attacked and shot him in cold blood. The victim’s injuries proved too severe, and he had already passed away by the time first responders arrived on the scene. Moreover, an initial medical investigation noticed gunshot wounds on Robert’s body, and the autopsy soon determined that he had been shot to death.

Although the police initially believed that Robert was the victim of a robbery gone wrong, they soon found evidence that hinted at homicide. Firstly, authorities learned that he and Sabrina were reportedly in an open marriage and enjoyed a swinging lifestyle. They also discovered the latter’s affair with Jonathan Hearn but noticed that he did not use his phone on the day of the murder. This made authorities quite suspicious, and they decided to wiretap both Sabrina and Jonathan’s phones in hopes of a lead.

Interestingly, Jonathan and Sabrina never discussed the murder openly but conversed in cryptic bible verses. Still, their conversation made it quite apparent that they were involved. On the other hand, the police found CCTV footage that showed a man matching Jonathan’s description fleeing the crime scene. Thus, convinced of Jonathan and Sabrina’s involvement in the crime, authorities took them into custody and charged them with murder.

Julie Cordova is Taking Care of Sabrina’s Children Now

Julie Cordova was shocked to learn that authorities had charged her sister, Sabrina, with Robert’s murder. She could not believe that Sabrina was capable of homicide and was convinced that the police had it all wrong. Nevertheless, she attended her sister’s murder trial regularly and even testified in her favor. However, Jonathan had decided to turn on his accomplice by then, and his testimony proved integral to Sabrina’s eventual conviction and sentencing.

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Interestingly, even after the sentencing, Julie was astonished at how the court could accept Jonathan’s testimony and said, “This is wrong. It’s all wrong. They’ve got it all wrong. How can they believe a psychopath? How?” On top of it, she addressed the Limon kids and said, “The kids don’t have a father, and now they don’t have a mother, and I look at them in the face, and they are in so much pain.”

According to reports, Robert and Sabrina’s children, LeAnna and Robert, came to live with Julie when their mother was taken into custody. Since then, she has been responsible for their well-being and ensured they never lacked anything. Besides, Julie appeared on the ’20/20′ episode, discussing her experience and beliefs regarding the case. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, Julie Cordova still resides in Camarillo, California, and we wish her the best for the years ahead.

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