Lydia Marrero: Robert Limon’s Sister is Trying to Move Forward in Life Now

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Robert Limon‘s loved ones were shocked beyond belief when he was shot to death in cold blood while at work in Tehachapi, California. Although the initial investigation into the murder was pretty challenging, the police soon found evidence indicating his wife, Sabrina Limon, and her lover, Jonathan Hearn, had masterminded the crime. ’20/20: Unholy Matrimony’ chronicles the horrific death and showcases how the incident affected Robert’s family. Furthermore, the show interviews his sister, Lydia Marrero, who shared her experience with viewers. Well, let’s delve into the details surrounding the murder and find out where Lydia is now, shall we?

Who is Lydia Marrero?

Robert and his sister, Lydia Marrero, shared an intimate bond as they grew up in a close-knit family. Hence, they kept in touch even after he moved into his own house, married Sabrina, and started a family. When talking about the latter, Lydia mentioned that her brother appeared quite happy with her, and nothing initially seemed out of the ordinary. Apart from being an integral part of the family, she also shared an excellent relationship with Robert and Sabrina’s children, and there was no indication of an oncoming tragedy. Thus, the news of her sibling’s untimely death naturally shocked her to the core.

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Robert Limon was working at a facility in Tehachapi, California, on August 17, 2014, when an assailant ambushed him and shot him in cold blood. Unfortunately, he passed away before first responders reached the sire, and they had no choice but to declare him dead. Moreover, while an initial medical investigation noted severe bullet wounds on the victim’s body, an autopsy determined that Robert was shot to death from close range with a high-powered firearm.

The makings of the case made it look like a robbery gone wrong during the initial investigation, even though authorities soon found evidence that indicated a homicide. While looking into Robert’s personal life, detectives learned that he reportedly shared an open relationship with his wife, and the two were fond of a swinging lifestyle. In addition, the police discovered that the victim’s wife, Sabrina, was having an extramarital affair with a man named Jonathan Hearn, and the two wanted to start a new life together.

When looking at CCTV footage from around the Tehachapi facility, the police noticed a shadowy figure escaping the crime scene. While the figure matched Jonathan’s description, the police witnessed him flee the scene on a bike that resembled the one Sabrina’s lover owned. Subsequently, authorities, convinced of his involvement, wiretapped his and Sabrina’s phones, only to make a startling discovery. Although neither addressed the murder directly, they spoke about it in cryptic Bible verses, making their involvement quite apparent. Consequently, the police wasted no time arresting both Sabrina and Jonathan for Robert’s murder.

Where is Lydia Marrero Now?

Lydia Marrero was shocked to learn about Sabrina’s arrest and insisted she had no idea about her affair with Jonathan Hearn. Still, she made it a point to attend the murder trial regularly and even testified against her former sister-in-law in court. In fact, Lydia’s testimony played a crucial role in the trial. At the same time, Jonathan’s confession helped the jury convict Sabrina of first-degree murder, for which she received 25 years to life in prison in 2018.

According to reports, Sabrina and Robert’s children, Robbie and LeAnna, were seemingly convinced of their mother’s innocence, and they even supported her in court. This naturally made Lydia feel quite disappointed, and when asked about the children, she claimed they did not want to speak with her. Even though she completely supports the sentences meted out to Sabrina and Jonathan and believes that Robert has been given his due justice, she misses her brother terribly and claims that nothing can ever bring him back to life. From the looks of it, Lydia Marrero currently resides in California and is slowly battling the demons of her past with the help of her loved ones.

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