Are Justin and Ann From Dating Around Still Together?

Dating can be really tough, so in ‘Dating Around’ single individuals get the opportunity to go with quantity over quality to increase their odds of matching with someone. Each episode features a person going on five first blind dates that are filled with flirty banter, awkward exchanges, and, sometimes, moments of true connection. Once the dates are over, the singleton gets to pick one person to go on a second date with.

The reality dating show is a new twist on the age-old boring genre and gives us an honest and compelling look at how dating is like in the real world. Justin was one such singleton who appeared on season 2 of the series, and out of his five dates, he chose Ann to be his partner. Curious to know more about them? Here’s everything we know.

Justin and Ann: Dating Around Journey

The 31-year-old Justin was described by his friends and family members as a typical bachelor. But, they did also say that because of his caring nature and charismatic personality he would make an amazing boyfriend. Having the tendency to go for party girls, Justin came on the show hoping to find someone who would care for him just as much as he would care for them. So, he met up with Barbara, Lilly, Ashley, Assata, and Ann.

Justin’s fun and flirty nature made him get along with all 5 women, so much so, that surprisingly, not a single one of them could be considered a bad date. But, when he first met Ann, they just clicked. The way they talked and communicated made it look like there was a genuine spark between the two. Especially after, he made the joke of “I’m going to write this down” at the beginning of their date when she was explaining how she was a nomad and listing all the places she grew up.

Their dinner was also going well, they spoke about being on dating apps and how the whole experience of it can sometimes be terrifying. Their banter and laughs made them look really good together. However, after dinner, when Justin asked if they could hang out more that night, Ann said no, saying that it was a weekday and that she had work in the morning. Even though they exchanged numbers, we genuinely thought that their chapter was over, primarily because Justin had an amazing time with his other dates as well.

Oh, but how wrong we were. In the end, Justin picked Ann, and from what we could see she was extremely glad to see him again as well. When there is a genuine connection, you just can’t deny it. For their second date, they went to a museum, which Justin had already pre-planned for.

Are Justin and Ann Still Together?

Unfortunately, we don’t know. We were able to find Justin’s Instagram, but it didn’t give us any clue as to where his and Ann’s relationship stands. We do know that he is still living in New Orleans and that his and Ann’s connection was one of the strongest that we had seen, so we hold on to the hope that unlike all the couples from Season 1, they have managed to make their relationship work.

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