Kahawa 1893 Coffee Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

In season 14, episode 14 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ Margaret “Maggy” Nyamumbo presented her Kenya-produced coffee brand Kahawa 1893 Coffee, which attempts to highlight its objectives as “coffee beans with a purpose.” She realized that almost 90% of the coffee produced in Kenya is grown by women who did not have any property, patents, or businesses to their name. Most coffee enthusiasts know that African-grown coffee beans are the world’s finest, and they sell at a high price due to their quality and taste.

However, the livelihood of the producers, primarily women, was below standards, whose hard work went unrewarded. Maggy set out to be the change and the voice of these women through her brand Kahawa, which translates to Coffee in Swahili, Kenya’s native language. What is interesting about her company is that each product tells a story, and the preparation of the coffee is also mentioned on the eco-friendly packaging. With such an interesting product on display, we got intrigued to learn more about the company, and here is what we found out!

Kahawa 1893 Coffee: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The creator of Kahawa 1893 Coffee, Margaret “Maggy” Nyamumbo, has her roots in Kenya. Her family’s coffee-growing business goes back to her grandfather’s small coffee farm, established during Kenya’s fight for independence from colonial rule. Maggy was inspired by her roots in Kenya and African coffee in her blood, where she wished to be the change and raise a voice for the women in the authentic African coffee-producing business. Though hailing from Kenya, she is an alumna of Harvard Business School, where she earned her MBA.

Maggy attended the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she received her Bachelor of Science in Economics. Furthermore, the entrepreneur received her After working in a 9 to 5 setting for years, Maggy felt it was time to build something to respect her roots and the women of her culture.

The entrepreneur founded Kahawa 1893 Coffee in 2017, based out of San Francisco. Everyone who likes drinking coffee should try Kahawa 1893 Coffee, where every sip takes you back to Kenya, where you feel attached to the story of its origins in 1893. To satisfy the demands of numerous clients, they provide a wide selection of coffee. Also, it’s for coffee drinkers who are a little more concerned with the origins of their beans. It enables the coffee’s profits to return to the continent of Africa where the beans were originally grown. Together with its fantastic coffee, Kahawa 1893 Coffee has a compelling story to tell about its origins.

Kahawa 1893 Coffee is Growing Steadily Today

In 2017 while she was fiddling with the idea of creating her own coffee brand, Maggy recalled the beautiful memories of her childhood that she spent on her grandfather’s family farm. She remembered how the women did almost all the work yet didn’t own anything. That idea and memory stuck with her; she knew she had to give back to the women of Kenya. Out of her love and respect for her roots and her womankind, Kahawa 1893 Coffee was born. By working directly with the farmers and producers, the brand helps empower women and engage in sustainable practices by committing to transparent methods of sourcing and sharing profits.

Maggy gives back a portion of her profits to the women in Kenya responsible for producing coffee beans. Moreover, the brand has been featured on different media platforms, including Forbes, Medium, and Harambeans. On May 12, 2021, Kahawa 1893 became the first coffee brand sold at Trader Joe’s. 200 establishments across America, from California to other states, now sell this product. Besides, Maggy reached an agreement with Target stores in July 2021 to offer the product in all 50 states. Kahawa 1893 Coffee’s products are sold at 768 locations, including Trader Joe’s, Target, The Fresh Market, and Sprouts. The brand sells different coffees with different roast types for customers with varied tastes, ranging from $16.99 to $28.

The different coffee products include Safari Blend, Serengeti Blend, Kenyan Single Origin, Ethiopian Blend, Roaster’s Choice, 1893 Espresso, Simba Blend, African Chai Spice Coffee, Tanzania Peaberry, Congo Women, SL-34, Rwanda Single Origin, Decaf Blend, Whisky Barrel-Aged Coffee, and Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee. The most expensive products are Barrel-Aged Coffees, and the most economical ones are roasted coffees in different flavors.

Customers who prefer tea over coffee can try out the brand with its assortment of African teas, including African Single Origin Black Tea, Rooibos Red Bush Tea, English Breakfast, and Cream Earl Grey, each priced at $14.99. Maggy created a “tip page” for customers to contribute directly o the Kenyan women, and the owner matches all tips 100%. Even on eco-friendly packages, customers can find a QR code that can be scanned, and a bonus would directly go to the farmer’s e-wallet. With the coffee industry growing steadily, with almost $460 billion worth, things look bright for Kahawa 1893 Coffee. The company is growing steadily with an excellent profit margin, and we are excited to see what new products the brand launches.

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