Where Are Kaitlyn and Jason From The Bachelor Now?

It is true that timing is indeed everything! Especially in matters of the heart. Our search for love leads us to various wrong directions, but destiny never fails to put us on the right path. This was the case with Kaitlyn and Jason. Both of them belonged to the Bachelor Nation, but never came across each other, until one fine day! What started as a goofy friendship ended up becoming so much more. A feel-good love story, a romantic fairytale, and a belief that love finds you in the most unexpected ways; Kaitlyn and Jason have become the new power couple of the franchise!

How Did Kaitlyn and Jason Meet?

Kaitlyn, a spin-instructor from Nashville, featured on ‘The Bachelorette’ season 11. Having been courted by numerous men, she found her happy ending with Shawn Booth and got engaged to him in the finale. Their three-year engagement was suddenly called off near the end of 2018. Even though they assured their followers that they were going to remain good friends, Kaitlyn’s heartbreak was too evident to hide.

On the other hand, Jason, a Seattle-based banker, tried his luck on season 14 of ‘The Bachelorette’ featuring Becca Kufrin. Although he had made a good impression on her and had quickly become a fan-favorite, he was eliminated in the 9th week of the season. Sadly, he couldn’t get the love he was hoping to find.

While Kaitlyn was still struggling with her breakup, she had invited Jason and another friend to feature on her podcast called Off The Vine. Kaitlyn revealed in an interview that she was bawling her eyes out in the taxi that was driving her to the studio. She had her father on call and almost canceled the podcast recording. She further told the media that Jason walked in soon after. Even though he did not know her from before, he hugged her and told her he had had an emotional day too. He had cried at a charity event that day and was about to cancel his plans for the podcast due to an eye infection. Soon, they started recording, and Jason’s electric energy was contagious and uplifted Kaitlyn’s mood drastically!

Shortly later, Jason and Kaitlyn became really good friends. They used to hang out whenever they got the chance. In January 2019, Jason, while doing another podcast with Kaitlyn, officially and publicly asked her out. Kaitlyn, a bit surprised initially, couldn’t contain her excitement and accepted happily.

Are Kaitlyn and Jason Still Together?

Yes! The couple has been together for more than one year now! They recently revealed that whenever Jason would be in town, they would go out on dates for drinks and food. The relationship got serious pretty quickly, and Jason announced Kaitlyn as his girlfriend in February 2019. Sometime after, Jason also moved from Seattle to Nashville to be closer to Kaitlyn. They now live together with their two adorable rescued dogs, Pinot and Ramen.

Kaitlyn had recently told an interviewer that one thing that attracted her to Jason the most was that he was a perfect gentleman and well-mannered. She considered them to be a dying breed. Jason, too, shared that his mother had watched Kaitlyn on television and was always fond of her. She was the one who had urged Jason to contact Kaitlyn further. He also credited Kaitlyn for making him more comfortable in his skin.

A few months back, Shawn Booth had expressed his displeasure about Kaitlyn being really public about her relationship. Jason retorted back by saying that the couple loved having fun and enjoyed sharing their moments with their fans. He admitted that they always stayed true to themselves and did whatever made sense without worrying about what people would think.

Kaitlyn also feels that Jason would be popping the question real soon. When approached for a comment, Jason didn’t deny it. He said he is planning on doing it this year.

Currently, the couple is quarantined together amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Kaitlyn jokingly told her fans that Jason has been irritating her with weird chewing sounds. Other than that, they have been spending quality time together and savoring it.

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