Are JoJo and Jordan From The Bachelorette Still Together?

ABC’s beloved reality show ‘The Bachelorette’ has given birth to some memorable love stories. Some had their hearts broken and souls crushed by the humiliation of rejection on national television. Others found the love of their lives and a potential marriage partner they could see a future with. A single rose has changed the course of life for many people. JoJo and Jordan are one of them. Featuring on the series’ twelfth season, Jordan was successful in sweeping JoJo off her feet and receiving the final rose from her. He sealed the deal by popping the question in the finale, and the two lovebirds got engaged!

JoJo and Jordan: The Bachelorette Journey

A real-estate developer belonging to Texas, JoJo hadn’t expected to have her heart set on Jordan from the very start. The handsome Californian hunk, Jordan was a former pro football quarterback and the younger brother of the famous NFL player, Aaron Rodgers. Young and in their twenties, the couple had felt an instant attraction towards one another. This led Jordan to receive the ‘first impression’ rose from JoJo.

Their love story had just begun and gotten stronger by each passing episode. Whether it was their heartfelt conversations or one-on-one dates, each interaction brought them closer than before. JoJo got the chance to know him even more intimately when she traveled to California for his hometown date. There, Jordan opened up about his family struggles, personal issues, and how he has been estranged from his brother, Aaron.

Jordan, too, utilized an opportunity to meet JoJo’s family. He later called her father for his blessings and permission. Fans had already figured out that the couple was in love with each other mid-season. But, they took their relationship slow. While JoJo’s affection for Jordan was more evident and her subtle hints asked him to reveal his feelings, he took his time. Jordan had realized that JoJo was the one on their first date. He later confessed that he had almost blurted out that he loved her on the second one. But, he wanted to be sure of his decision and let JoJo think about hers too.

Even though other cast members had questioned Jordan’s real intentions to be on the show, JoJo decided to stick to her intuition. In the finale, JoJo gave her final rose to Jordan, and he proposed to her with a beautiful 3-carat diamond ring. The couple finally expressed their true feelings, and the two got engaged on a beach in Thailand!

Are JoJo and Jordan Still Together?

Yes! The fairytale couple is still together, still engaged, and still going strong! After the season ended, Jordan packed his bags and moved to Texas. He moved in with his fiancé and her pet pooch, Jackson.

Since then, they have been keeping busy with quite a number of shows. In June 2018, JoJo launched her own clothing line called Fletch. The couple also featured on a reality-cum-DIY home décor web series called ‘Engaged with JoJo and Jordan’ produced by Kin. The show also highlighted a sneak-peek in the couple’s lives when they opened up about the ups and downs in their relationship. JoJo and Jordan also hosted ‘Cash Pad’ which is a house-flipping and investment reality show by CNBC. Moreover, they hosted a competition show by Paramount Pictures called the ‘Fittest Couple’.

A few years back, there were rumors about the couple breaking up and unfollowing each other on social media. This happened when the media had allegedly reported Jordan’s presence on a celebrity dating app and his interactions with his ex-girlfriend. He had denied all claims. The couple quickly got on board and gave an interview wherein they revealed that they were very much together and they trusted each other completely.

In August 2019, Jordan executed a grand re-proposal for JoJo. He posted the proposal’s picture and video on Instagram and shared with his followers that they had started planning their wedding, so it felt right to do it all over again. Jordan also confessed that his first proposal would always be special, but this time he wanted it to be all about JoJo without any cameras or crew following them around. Jordan proposed with a customized blingy 5-carat oval diamond ring that was designed by Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge NYC.

JoJo was overwhelmed and shared with her fans that they were planning a fun and romantic outdoor wedding in California. The couple also expressed their excitement about planning a baby soon. The wedding was scheduled for the summer of 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple can also be seen in a cameo appearance on ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart‘.

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