Where Is Kalief Browder’s Father Now?

Wrongful convictions and incarcerations are, unfortunately, nothing new in today’s society, especially when it comes to Black men. It’s not okay and it’s never been okay, but, when a person has been imprisoned for over 3 years in New York’s own Guantanamo Bay, Rikers Island Jail, without even a conviction, that becomes a disgrace to the justice system in America. And Netflix’s ‘Time: The Kalief Browder Story’ points out just that.

Talking about every aspect of Kalief’s life, from his home to his gang affiliations to his fight for freedom, the six-part docuseries shows us how a person can have a past both good and bad and still be innocent. Basically, it proves that everyone is incredibly human. One person, though, whose presence, or lack thereof, in Kalief’s life made the biggest difference was that of his father’s, Everett Browder. So, here is all that we know about him.

Who Is Everett Browder?

Everett Browder is a retired man who once used to work for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York City. He was a big man and had a big family, having a wife and seven kids, but, after a while, when it became too much for him, he just left, and it wasn’t on good terms, with anybody. He never divorced his wife, but he made sure that everyone knew that he wanted nothing to do with them.

When Kalief was arrested in 2010 and his bail was set at $3,000 with the bond being $900, the only person in the Browder family that could pay it was Everett, but he refused, calling his son a criminal and never believing his claims of innocence. Everett’s leaving and that lack of a father figure in the house is what made Kalief get on the streets in the first place. It was only because he was looking for someone to guide him and help him in life that he joined Bloods, a street gang in Bronx, New York.

Photo Credit: Netflix

However, when it came to getting a payout from the lawsuit against the State of New York made by Kalief’s lawyer for his wrongful death after he hanged himself, Everett was one of the most interested parties. He became a co-administrator on the lawsuit with his estranged wife and began actively trying to get the case to go to trial. On one hand, in public, he acted like a caring and remorseful father, but on the other, he was pushing his wife to leave the home where the whole family grew up just so he could sell it. And that’s exactly what he did, just three days after she passed away.

Where Is Everett Browder Now?

In 2019, after all of Kalief’s siblings combined forced with their father to get their brother the justice he deserved, the state agreed to come to a settlement and paid the Browder family $3.3 million for Kalief’s estate. After that, Everett is nowhere to be found. We couldn’t find any of his social media accounts and any publication that has wanted to do an interview with him has been denied or left with no response. So, where he is now, what he is doing, or how the money was distributed among the family members, no one really knows. (Featured Image Credit: Netflix)

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