Kandi Dreier: Where is My 600-lb Life Star Now?

Image Credit: TLC/YouTube

TLC’s original reality seriesMy 600-lb Life’ chronicles the journey of various morbidly obese persons, who typically weigh approximately 600 pounds. They sign up for the show to restart their lives by attempting to reduce weight in order to escape chronic illnesses and resume living healthier lives. In the show, they get help from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, who assists them in losing as much weight as feasible with a personalized diet and activity regimen. Then, the patients can be authorized for weight reduction surgery.

Since the show’s debut in 2012, many patients have sought the doctor’s help and have shown tremendous determination and discipline in their pursuit of healthy body weight. Kandi Dreier, who appeared in season 5, is one remarkable example of perseverance. Due to her and her twin sister, Brandi Dreier’s inspirational path, she gained a large following, and they must also be curious to know where she is now. If you’re such a fan too, here’s everything we found about her!

Kandi Dreier’s My 600-lb Life Journey

Kandi Dreier, a 29-year-old Vancouver, Washington native, and her sister Brandi Dreier both made an appearance in season 5 of the show. Kandi weighed 604 pounds at the time of her appearance and was almost confined to bed. She suffered from food addiction for years, giving in to her own needs and having constant eating cravings. She was eventually sick of her own predicament since the extra fat on her legs and tummy made it impossible for her to even clean herself. However, like the majority of the patients on the program, Kandi’s obsession with food dates back to her early years.

Due to their mother’s drug addiction and subsequently, alcoholism, as well as their father’s drug dealing, the twins experienced a difficult childhood. Her father did not pay much attention to her needs as a kid and would give her extra food to keep her subdued and busy. She, therefore, turned to eat more and more for consolation, as a result of mistreatment from both of her parents. Like her sister, she was also the victim of molestation by a family friend, which added to her suffering and increased her food cravings.

The significance of such circumstances on her food addiction was only discovered later, as it began negatively affecting her and her sister’s life. Thus, in pursuit of living a healthier and more fruitful life, the twin sisters made their journey to Dr. Now. The doctor recommended the 1200-calorie, no-carbs, no-fat, and no-snacking diet and asked her to lose at least 50 pounds in a month to be approved for surgery.

Fortunately, Kandi did manage to diet well and lost the recommended 50lbs, but there was a heart condition because of her worrying EKG results, where it wasn’t pumping adequately because of her weight. Therefore, she lost another 30 pounds before surgery and was hence allowed to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Kandi Dreier is Enjoying Her Life Today

After having the surgery successfully, Kandi suffered another medical issue when her blood pressure dropped suddenly. The doctors even feared that her heart rate might have stopped because of it, and she was, thus, taken to the ICU and placed in a medically-induced coma. Thankfully, she did recover from this scare well and eventually got healthier with time. Kandi ultimately lost a total of 220 pounds and brought down her weight to 384lbs at the end. Even after the program, Kandi continued her diet and exercises and continued to a healthy lifestyle.

Kandi returned to Vancouver, Washington after the show, but again appeared in the 2018 follow-up episode of ‘Where Are They Now?’ There, she revealed that the twins collectively lost another 400 pounds and were waiting to get approval for skin removal surgery. Talking about life after the show, Kandi said, “There’s not been any other setbacks. It’s like it didn’t even happen. With most addiction, if you’re not ready for it, it’s probably not going to work. We’ve been ready for it.” She even praised the medical professionals operating on them and said, “All the people were very nice but it was terrifying.”

Kandi is now a proud and loving aunt to her two adorable nieces, 4-year-old Izzy and 2-year-old Mildred. Both Kandi and their mother, Brandi, are obsessed with the kids and adore and shower them with immense love. After her first niece, Izzy, was born, Kandi wrote a special message for her, saying, “This lil girl right here is the only girl I need in my life right now. Boog you’ve stolen aunties heart and I’ll protect you for the rest of my life.” And after the birth of her second niece, Mildred, she wrote, “Hey look I found a baby. goob both boog and you have me wrapped around your little fingers. Welcome to the world goob. Titi loves you both with all my heart.”

Kandi also publicly acknowledged being in a relationship with her Argentinian girlfriend, Ruth Toranzo, in October 2020. She also has a doggie named Maddie, who she adores and takes care of as her child. Thus, as Kandi Dreier moves ahead from her difficult and unhealthy life, we wish her more love and happiness in her future.

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