Kang Young-Seo: The Physical 100 Star is Now an Author

Centered around the idea of physical prowess, Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ has become well-known for its unique concept. Through the Korean series, the world has been introduced to various fitness experts who have found themselves competing against each other to prove their mettle. Season 2 of the show saw Kan Young-Seo making similar efforts in hopes of coming out at the top. While her journey did not go as planned, the athlete did succeed in gaining the interest of many.

Kang Young-Seo Showcased Her Skills on the Show

A talented alpine skier who has participated in the Olympics in the past, Kang Young-Seo created quite an impression on those around her during her time on the show. The athlete’s talent allowed her to create a good impression in the First Quest of the competition. For the deathmatch, she was pitted against Park Seung-Hee, with each of them having 3 minutes to retain possession of the ball. The holding on to it until the last second was to emerge victorious, and it ended with Kang succeeding in this quest.

Now part of the top 50, Kang waited to be selected by one of the ten team leaders to join their team. Though the wait was long, it was famous cross-fitter Amotti who decided to choose her as his fourth teammate. Kang did seem happy with the decision and the fact that she was not chosen last by anyone. As such, she was determined to prove herself in the competition and emerge victorious alongside her teammates.

As it turned out, Amotti and Kang’s team was pitted against Kim Dong-Hyun’s team, which was considered by many as the best group till then. Although Kang and her teammates gave it their all, they ultimately ended up losing the match to the other team. This meant that they were among the 25 eliminated competitors who could try to enter the competition again by succeeding in the upcoming Quest 2.5. However, Kang was not the winner of this task and was not chosen as a teammate by Jung Ji-Hyun, who won the challenge. This meant that her elimination from the competition was set in stone.

Where is Kang Young-Seo Now?

Kang Young-Seo’s talent as an alpine skier has helped her gain a good reputation in the industry. In fact, she has represented South Korea in the past three Winter Olympics – 2014, 2018, and 2022. More often than not, she can be seen enjoying the snowy slopes while honing her skills. Her joy in snow-based activities is quite evident for those around her to see. The reality TV star herself posts videos of her ventures on social media, much to the delight of her followers.

However, it seems like Kang has followed her other passions with an equal determination. In fact, she is now a published author, her first book having been published on February 20, 2024. The project had been in the works for two years. Through her book, she hoped to present a new view into the world of skiing and the industry based on the activity. Given that this is new territory for Kang, she has expressed her nervousness about it all, but that has not dampened her excitement for this new chapter of her life.

Those interested in availing of Kang’s book can do so via various vendors. This particular work, combined with her reality TV debut, has made it evident to many that Kang is looking forward to expanding her horizons. Though her career as an Olympian is certainly an impressive one. The new steps she has taken in her life have served to make her beloved by many more, even those who are not very interested in the world of sports.

As for Kang, it seems like her first love remains in her winter adventure activities. However, it seems like she may also be interested in sports like golf and obstacle courses. Needles to say, her dedication to her fitness is certainly commendable and helped her be on the show that features some of the best in their fields from across the country of South Korea. Kang herself wanted to be sure that her time on the show would serve as an inspiration to others.

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