Where Are Karen Gravano and David Seabrook Now?

Born to Sammy Gravano and Debra Scibetta, Karen Gravano was welcomed into the mafia family in 1972. Sammy, a powerful mobster and the underboss to the Gambino crime family, led a dangerous life in Arizona. Karen, who wanted to distance herself from her father’s dishonor, notorious reputation, morbid work, and reckless lifestyle, moved to Staten Island all alone. There she established the foundation of her popular spa-lounge and worked as a licensed aesthetician. She also launched a weight-loss product that sold like hotcakes within two years of its release.

Soon after, she got romantically involved with David Seabrook. It is not known whether he belonged to a mafia family too, but he is known to have worked for Sammy as well and executed some dirty missions for him. Some reports also suggest that David was convicted for attempt to murder when he was 14 years of age. David and Karen had sizzling chemistry and passionate love. They rushed into a committed relationship and got engaged within a few months of dating. David even fathered a daughter with Karen in 1999, Karina, who is now 21 years old.

A little while later, Karen, David, Karina, along with Debra, moved to Arizona. There they helped Sammy out with his work. In the early 2000s, the whole family, including Karen’s real brother, Gerard, got arrested in relation to a drug ring that Sammy was involved in. They were all linked to the distribution of drugs, and reports confirmed that the family had been selling thousands of ecstasy pills.

Even though Debra and Karen, along with many others involved, were let off the hook with a warning, short prison sentences, or three years of probation, Gerard and David were sentenced to prison for ten years. Shortly after, David’s sentence got increased to a few more years on other criminal charges. Karen moved back to Staten Island with Karina, and Debra tagged along and ended up opening a café.

Where is David Seabrook Now?

Even though David has always been referred to as Karen’s husband, they actually never got married. They split up and broke off their engagement when Karina turned ten years old. But, they always keep in touch to discuss important decisions related to Karina’s life and her future.

David was released from prison a few years back. Even though he belonged to Queens, he moved to Arizona after regaining his freedom. He is reportedly living in a house that is owned by the Gravano family. Karina also once revealed on television that he was dating someone new.

David had his career roots in the music industry. He had worked with a music producer long back. He has gotten back to this field, and now he owns a record label company. He also owns an artist management company that discovers talent and develops them into artists. Around 2019, sources revealed that he had launched a website called ‘Emmploy’ that connects Black, Hispanic, and minority talent to work opportunities. He posts regular updates about his work on his Twitter account.

Where is Karen Gravano Now?

A 47-year-old woman, Karen, along with her daughter, shuffles between State Island and Arizona, as that is where Sammy and David are currently residing. A few years back, in 2013, she had published a book called ‘Mob Daughter’ that was more like a memoir highlighting key events of her life. The book emphasizes on the way she was raised and described the lifestyle of a mafia family from New York.

In 2011, she became famous as an American reality TV personality by featuring on ‘Mob Wives’. The superhit reality-documentary series aired on VH1 and followed the life of the women who were married to mobsters that got caught and imprisoned. She was cast in various seasons and earned a handsome sum of money. She also gained a fan following that led her to become an Instagram star!

She has been in an on-and-off relationship with music producer, Storm. She was also in a seven-year-long relationship with the gangster, Lee D’Avanzo, before he married another woman. Lee’s wife, Drita, also starred in ‘Mob Wives’ and the two women were always at loggerheads with each other.

With a net worth of $1.5 million, she is now featuring on MTV’s new reality-documentary series ‘Families of the Mafia’. The show features the mafia families of Staten Island and how the parents’ connection with the underworld affects the life of their children. Sammy, David, Karina and her boyfriend, star in the show too.

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