Ken Boggle: Unveiling Living For the Dead’s Tarot Expert

Hulu’s ‘Living For the Dead‘ makes for a fantastic watch, not just due to the abundance of the paranormal. The show boasts a highly entertaining set of five experts who pool their knowledge and resources together to get to the bottom of the supernatural mysteries that they are presented with. For Ken Boggle, the series presented a chance to not only show off his phenomenal tarot skills but also flex his apparent psychic muscles while seemingly trying to establish contact with various spirits. If you are someone who could not but feel intrigued by this paranormal investigator, join us as we learn more about him.

Ken Boggle’s Background

Hailing from Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Ken Boggle had to face several adversities while trying to find himself. With multiple sisters, he grew up in the care of his parents, though things took a tragic turn when he decided to come out of the closet to his family. In the Hulu series, he reveals to Roz Hernandez that his father had disowned him over his sexuality, which meant that he was without a home until the age of 15. This is undoubtedly a hurt that Ken continues to carry, as he could not help but emotionally think that things would have been much different had his father accepted him, claiming that he would probably have been “a lawyer or something.”

Ken admitted that the rejection he faced at such a young age had led him to often feel the fear that he would be abandoned or rejected by others. At the time of the production of the show’s season 1, he admitted that his mother was trying to make it up to him, but he did feel like he would have probably been “better off” had his mother stood beside him from the start. That said, the hat-clad paranormal investigator has undoubtedly forged a strong path for himself. Having achieved much success over the years, Ken is a philanthropist at heart who has helped organizations like Coal River Children’s Advocacy Center, The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, Susan G. Komen Foundation, etc. As of writing, he is based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ken Boggle’s Profession

Though Ken Boggle has been reading Tarot for well over three decades, he apparently entered the world of paranormal investigation only about 15 years ago and started to see immense success in the last decade. His work has allowed him to travel across the world and meet up with clients, many of whom have expressed deep admiration for his work. Due to his reputation in the field of paranormal investigators, the Hulu show was far from the first time that Ken appeared on television.

In fact, you may have seen or heard Ben on ABC36’s ‘MidDay Kentucky,’ LEX18’s ‘Good Morning Kentucky,’ WKQQ, and KISS96.9. Additionally, he is one of the hosts of Scarefest Radio and has been a part of several podcasts focused on paranormal topics. The host and producer of ‘Tarot Date with Ken Boggle,’ often appears at various events to meet potential clients and work alongside them. This includes his weekly appearances at Murders & Madams (every Friday) and The Fabled Forest (every Tuesday).

As for The Crystal Coven Mystic Cottage, Ken can be seen there every Monday and Wednesday. The Kentucky native also has a weekly Facebook show called ‘Coffee with Ken Boggle’ that airs every Sunday. He has also been a guest at The Inner Light Festival, Mystical Fair: Lexington, Mama Ruby’s Holistic and Mystic Expo, and The Scarefest. Interestingly, his website also offers a variety of merchandise to those interested in buying the same.

Is Ken Boggle Dating Anyone?

As of writing, Ken Boggle is in a relationship with David Mathew Wilson. The two seem to be doing quite well, with David even expressing his happiness over Ken’s role in the Hulu series. “When insomnia hits, you replay an episode from home! You’re absolutely killing it, and I couldn’t be more proud,” he stated in a Facebook post. In fact, David was even part of the production process of season 1 when the team was investigating the Louisville Palace Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky. Prior to his relationship, Ken was married to Robbie Risner, though the two have since divorced, as briefly mentioned by the former in the reality show.

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