Kenadi Dodds From AGT: Everything We Know

‘America’s Got Talent’ or ‘AGT’ on NBC gives performers a stage where they can showcase their talent in the hopes of a grand prize. People from all over the US come together and their skillsets are amazing, to say the least. However, the judges and viewers are not easily impressed, and talent is not the only factor in winning the show. One of the youngest participants is Kenadi Dodds, who’s braving the tough competition. Eager to find out more about her? Here’s everything you need to know.

Kenadi Dodds Nationality: Where is He From?

Kenadi is an American and hails from North Logan, a city in Cache County, Utah. However, she’s spent quite a bit of time on the road and has collaborated with musicians from other states. Here’s Kenadi at the Funk Studios Utah.

Who is in Kenadi Dodds’ Family?

Kenadi remains close to her parents, Brandi and Chris, who are both visually impaired. Therefore, though they love their daughter, Kenadi has to rely on extended family, neighbors, or public transportation if she needs to go somewhere. For example, when Kenadi needed to go to a famous voice coach in Salt Lake, her parents had to rely on someone else to do it. However, it is clear from the Mother’s Day post that Kenadi loves her mom.

Her post with her father shows that she’s equally close to him.

Kenadi Dodds Age and Career:

Kenadi is around 15 years old but has loved music ever since she was a toddler. Brandi Dodds recalls that Kenadi would sing along to the words of Shania Twain songs, and when her grandmother took her to a concert, Kenadi decided this is what she wanted to do. In a short span, Kenadi has performed the national anthem for the Utah Jazz, the Salt Lake Bees, and several Utah State University sporting events. She’s also sung at shows in the Vivint SmartHome Arena and several local restaurants. Here’s Kenadi at the arena.

She’s sung with the Swon brothers who were on ‘The Voice.’ Kenadi has also performed on the Days of 47 Rodeo. Most recently, the showman can be seen ‘America’s Got Talent.’ When she attended the Utah State Youth Conservatory, the instructors realized she has a special voice and wanted to do more with her. You can check out her music below.

Her father also acts as her coach and co-songwriter in some cases.

Kenadi Dodds Prediction: How Far Will She Go?

Don’t let Kenadi’s youth fool you. She is no less experienced than the other contestants and has received adequate exposure in the world of music for someone of her age. Moreover, she is the kind of determined child who just might go all the way. However, Kenadi will have to keep doing better and must make herself relatable to the audience if she wishes to progress in the competition. Knowing her life’s story and perseverance, there is no reason we shouldn’t be seeing more of her in the coming episodes.

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