Kenya, Carl and Tiger From Seeking Brother Husband: Everything We Know

TLC’s ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ is a reality series that provides a unique perspective on the concept of polygamy. A woman, along with her numerous male partners, make up each of the featured couples and trios as they experience the highs and lows of life. Amongst the couples of season 1 is the multitalented and multifaceted entrepreneur Kenya Stevens and her two husbands, Carl Stevens Jr. and Tiger Moonstone. The throuple leads a polyandrous life and helps other poly couples to explore the depths of their sexuality and connections by building more meaningful, transparent relationships.

Kenya and Carl are entrepreneurs who help clients as love and manifestation coaches at JujuMama and other companies. Tiger, on the other hand, has a more conventional job as a Pastor who “sits and looks at charts and stock market all day.” The throuple became a fan favorite after their appearance on the show, and surely their personalities and relationship piqued the interest of fans. If you are amongst the curious fans, here’s everything you need to know about the power throuple.

Kenya, Carl and Tiger: Where Did They Meet?

As soon as Kenya and Carl laid eyes on each other on a blind date, they knew they had found their soul mate. It was fate that brought them together, and without wasting any time, the pair got engaged within weeks. It has been over 26 years and three beautiful children since that warm fuzzy day. However, much like most relationships, their relationship was not a simple walk in the park. The rainbows and unicorns faded when Carl confessed to Kenya around 12 years into their marriage that he was in love with another woman from his work. She was simply “distraught” and didn’t know what to do.

However, the duo sat down and had a mature conversation about dealing with the situation rather than simply opting for divorce or giving up on each other. After multiple uncomfortable conversations, the entrepreneurs decided that if Carl was going to date women outside their marriage, then Kenya would be doing the same. Finally, it was decided that the two would open their marriage and their hearts to invite other partners into their lives. In the beginning, they set major ground rules such as not texting other partners while being with each other, not bringing strangers to their house and bed, and others.

Nevertheless, with time all the rules were broken, and they continued to lead their polyamorous life. Around a decade back, Kenya met her loving second husband, Tiger, at a Halloween party and instantly felt an instant connection. Kenya revealed that Tiger was wearing a Tiger Woods costume and was looking incredibly handsome, and they spent the whole night dancing. They have been married for ten years and share a home along with Carl. Let’s walk through their journey together.

Kenya, Carl and Tiger’s Journey Together

Kenya and Carl have been together for 26 years now, while she’s been with Tiger for ten years. A normal day in the lives of the poly couple is the three of them spending quality time together doing the daily tasks. Their relationship is pretty convenient, especially for Kenya, where she has two men in her life who loves her unconditionally and occasionally does the heavy work together. What’s better than having one man lift a heavy couch? Having two strong men do it! The three share a home in Houston, Texas, where they pursue their dreams and lead an ideal lifestyle.

The three motivate and push each other forward in the best possible ways, as true soulmates would. However, Tiger is still not completely fine with Kenya going out with other men. No matter how much he seems fine with it, the point of even imagining Kenya having sexual relations with strangers induces feelings of jealousy. In the beginning, it was also difficult for Carl to accept his wife being with other men. Interestingly, Kenya’s children and friends are fully supportive of their decision and wish them the best.

As of now, Kenya and Carl are focusing on their professional and personal life, where they have created an online platform to help other couples seek answers about difficult situations in relationships by helping them have meaningful conversations about their relationship. Kenya is the CEO of Progressive Love Academy and Juju Mama. The Howard alumna is a UPLVL Communication Specialist and has authored the book, ‘Change Your Man: How to Become the Woman He Wants.’ Carl, on the other hand, is an author, life and love coach, and metaphysician.

Carl teaches the Bagua Astrology System (BAS) and applies metaphysical concepts to support people in creating the lives they desire through the JujuMama Love Academy (JLA). He has authored several books including, ‘The Art of Open Relating: Volume 1 – Theory, Philosophy, & Foundation,’ ‘Tame Your Woman: Become the Man She Needs,’ ‘Finding Male Sexuality: My Journey in Awakening the Masculine Sexual Self,’ ‘Manifesting Marriage for Women: 9 Steps to Finding Your Partner and Creating a Successful Marriage,’ and others.

The North Carolina State University alum recently got married again in 2021 to the CEO of Blue Butterfly Women’s Group, Corina Naré Seku. Tiger has continued working as a pastor and has been focusing on his relationship with Kenya. While Kenya continues dating, we are excited to see who she brings next into the picture and how things work out in the long run.

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