Are Kerry and Johnny From MAFS Australia Pair Still Together?

Nine Network’s ‘Married at First Sight’ is an Australian reality series with a social experiment twist. Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente signed up for season 8 of the show in 2021 to try their luck. The occupational therapist and theatre producer were paired together, leading to instant sparks. Both of them had come through divorces and were hoping that the arranged marriage route, with the help of seasoned experts, would help them find lasting love. While it has been some time since the season wrapped up, fans have been wondering about the current relationship status of Kerry and Johnny.

Kerry and Johnny Fit Together Like Two Peas in a Pod on the Show

The moment Kerry and Johnny saw each other, there was an instant connection. The couple, who were newcomers and joined the season late, were first introduced to each other at the altar, and it was love at first sight. The brimming couple’s wedding ceremony was made even more special with the attendance of several of the original ‘MAFS’ couples and fellow brides and grooms. Both were ready to find true love, and the first thing Johnny had said on seeing Kerry was, “Wow.”

As the then-30-year-olds prepared to get married, the vows were read, and Johnny made his intentions clear about being fully committed to their journey ahead. A very poignant line read, “This is all very scary and unknown, but I promise as we start this chapter of our lives, I vow to have your back with every single step.” Kerry, echoing his sentiments about giving her all, said, “I promise to put my all into this experiment in the hope that at the end of this chapter, we can keep writing a pretty epic love story together.”

Kerry and Johnny’s potential as a good match was quite evident from the intimate, chemistry-inducing first kiss. While the pair had already begun warming up to each other, a shock revelation threw things off a little. When Kerry shared that her ex-husband continued to look after the former couple’s dogs, it threw Johnny off a little. However, having previously been married himself, he didn’t judge much. Sharing that he and his ex didn’t share a great rapport, he lauded Kerry for being on friendly terms with her former husband.

The fun and banter of the couple were affected when fellow contestant Joanne said that they looked like a good couple “from the outside.” However, fellow contestant Melissa was quick to shut her down, even as Johnny asked Kerry not to take the comments to heart. This was just the start of the adorable couple’s journey of understanding each other, and throughout the experiment, they just continued to grow from strength to strength. At the couple’s Final Vows, despite being sure of each other and having fallen in love with Kerry, Johnny had some final concerns he hoped to address.

Having previously had his heart broken, Johnny wasn’t prepared to get hurt again and wanted to know if her heart aligned with his. However, an equally in love Kerry didn’t disappoint as her vows gave the charming Italian exactly what he hoped to hear. “Johnny, you have my heart. I’m absolutely falling in love with you. I’m wholeheartedly recommitting my vows today and promising to give a future together a red-hot crack,” said an emotional Kerry, leaving Johnny at a loss for words. As the couple lovingly embraced each other, fans were thrilled about the bright future the adorable couple were set to embark upon.

Kerry and Johnny Are Still Married and Smitten With Each Other

Kerry and Johnny, the couple who fell in love at first sight and promised to be by each other, lived up to their words. The pair have continued to grow from strength to strength, since their stint on the show. The two spent time with each other’s parents as Kerry chose to relocate to Brisbane, Australia, for Johnny. While they took some time before moving in together, the couple eventually took the plunge in June 2021. Kerry and Johnny celebrated their one-year milestone of meeting and marrying each other in a reel on social media. They decided to make things more permanent and got engaged in July 2022 on board a yacht in Sydney Harbour.

The madly-in-love couple tied the knot in real on January 5, 2023, in the presence of close friends and family. The pair bought their first house together in Brisbane just weeks before their marriage. Kerry and Johnny are the co-owners of Caxton Street Brewing Co. While Kerry still continues to work as an Occupational Therapist alongside maintaining a booming influencer profile with multiple collaborations to her name, Johnny is the ambassador of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. He is also the director of Shake & Stir Theatre Co. The pair are good friends with season 6 ‘MAFS’ couple Cam and Jules. The couple is quite active on social media and often share snaps together along with their pet dog Enzo and family and friends.

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