Kevin and Michiel: The CyberBunker Members Are Both Free Today

Herman Xennt’s CyberBunker, known for its encrypted website hosting service in Traben-Trarbach, operated as a collaborative effort involving various key figures, including Kevin and Michiel Ruggers. These individuals played essential roles in the workings of the business, contributing their expertise and knowledge to the operations. Despite Xennt’s prominent position, the support and contributions of Kevin and Michiel Ruggers were crucial to the success and functionality of the CyberBunker. Netflix’s ‘Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld’ sheds light on the complex dynamics within the encrypted website hosting service, offering insights into the team’s collaborative efforts and their impact on the operations at large.

Kevin and Michiel’s Journey From Struggles to Leadership

The precise moment when Kevin and Michiel became integral to Xennt’s operation remains somewhat ambiguous, but according to Kevin’s recollections in the Netflix series, he joined forces with Xennt during a challenging phase in his life. His personal life was fraught with difficulties, and he was grappling to maintain the job he had dedicated his life to. The CyberBunker presented a sanctuary, offering him an opportunity to recalibrate his life entirely, an opportunity that instantly filled him with a sense of fulfillment and happiness. For Michiel, the experience was analogous, as the collective living situation among all the individuals involved created an atmosphere akin to a close-knit family, where the boundaries between work and personal life dissolved, fostering a unique sense of cohesion and unity.


When Sven Olaf proclaimed the CyberBunker as an autonomous nation and distributed official passports to its inhabitants, key figures like Kevin and Michiel assumed significant roles within this newfound entity. Kevin took on the role of Minister of Propaganda, while Michiel became the Manager and the second-in-command. Michiel’s initiatives, including the volunteer program, didn’t sit well with Olaf. Olaf suspected that Michiel was attempting to assemble a faction of loyal supporters who would bolster his own authority within the CyberBunker, creating a rift in their roles and objectives within the self-declared nation.

During a seemingly casual dinner arranged by an undercover police agent who had infiltrated the CyberBunker, the unexpected raid transpired. In a swift and coordinated operation, the police apprehended the occupants, including Michiel and Kevin, along with their fellow accomplices. Amid the operation, the detainees were swiftly subjected to restraints, with their hands bound, eyes obscured, and noise-canceling earphones placed over their ears by the police, leaving them with little time to comprehend the unfolding events of their arrest.

Where are Kevin and Michiel Ruggers Now?

When the authorities were struggling to build a solid case against Herman Xennt, Michiel played a crucial role by making a bold decision. He chose to testify against Xennt, which turned the tide in the legal proceedings. Michiel maintained that he did not know about the illegal activities and businesses that were utilizing the services offered by Xennt’s operation. In exchange for his cooperation and testimony, Michiel was able to secure a shorter sentence for himself and even obtained certain legal immunities. It appears that Kevin struck a similar deal, as he was eventually released from prison and available for interviews during the production of the Netflix documentary.

Michiel Ruggers

Leroy Shelton, the senior FBI agent leading the investigation, expressed skepticism regarding Michiel’s claims. He argued that as the manager and second-in-command, Michiel could not have spent an extended period working closely with Xennt without having in-depth knowledge of the operation’s intricacies. Nevertheless, Michiel has steadfastly maintained his official stance, asserting that he remained unaware of the illegal activities facilitated by the CyberBunker, sparking a contentious debate around his involvement and level of awareness in the case.

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