Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The second season of AMC’s comedy series ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ follows the aftermath of Neil O’Connor’s realization that Kevin McRoberts’ wife Allison Devine-McRoberts and his sister Patricia “Patty” Deirdre O’Connor have been trying to kill his best friend. Allison and Patty team up to silence Neil by tying him up in the basement of his and Patty’s house. Kevin’s attempts to get elected to the Worcester city council take a wild turn as Allison gets involved in the same. The second season premiere episode, titled ‘Mrs. McRoberts Is Dead,’ ends with Allison finding out a new way to deal with her problems and we have decoded the same for you! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

‘Mrs. McRoberts is Dead’ begins with Allison and Patty tying and transporting Neil to the latter’s house’s basement. They tie him and start to think about finding a way to silence him. Even though the duo makes it clear that they will not try to kill Kevin again, Neil lets them know that he will reveal the truth to his best friend. Meanwhile, Detective Tammy Ridgeway arrives at Patty’s house to see her. To keep Tammy away from Neil, Patty takes her to a restaurant under the pretense that she is sick. Allison gets scared that she will not be able to kill Kevin if he wins the election.

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To jeopardize Kevin’s election, Allison directs an advertisement for him. She tricks him to expose his man-child nature on camera and sends the same to a local TV channel to telecast. The advertisement affects his reputation and the mayor decides against accepting him as a candidate. However, the advertisement makes him famous as he becomes a local celebrity, affecting Allison’s plans. Patty takes Neil to a hospital when he loses consciousness.

In despair, Allison gets drunk, drives, and gets into a minor accident, only for police officers to not fine her since she is the celebrity Kevin’s wife. Since Kevin becomes a celebrity, she realizes that there will be much noise around his death if she kills him.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Episode 1 Ending: How Will Allison Fake Her Death?

When Allison realizes that Kevin’s popularity and celebrity status will make it hard for her to kill him without much inquiry concerning the same, she starts to look for other ways to escape from her man-child husband. She knows that even if she manages to kill him, Neil will reveal the truth to her family and investigators, making it impossible for her to peacefully after the much-needed demise of her husband. Since Neil cannot be silenced forever and Nick may wake up one day from his coma stage to likely reveal who hired him, Allison understands that she should do something soon.

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Allison then realizes that faking her death is a way to escape from Kevin and her miseries. As she believes that Neil will reveal the truth soon, she may stage her suicide and create a narrative that she killed herself fearing the consequences of Neil and possibly Nick’s revelations. Allison may try to construct the motive with the help of Patty, especially since the latter’s words/explanation will be heard by Tammy without any doubts or suspicions. Since Allison is faking her death, she must be anticipating that the police and her family will close the chapter concerning her life for her to live far away, in another city, as someone else.

Why Do Allison and Patty Fight? Do They Reconnect?

Neil, who gets abducted by Allison and Patty, tells his sister that Allison is controlling her to fight a battle that is not even hers to fight. He adds to Patty that she lets anyone without an iota of respect towards her enter her life to dictate her actions, citing the example of a friend who treated her as a driver to go to a party and made her wait since she wasn’t invited to the same. Neil makes his sister think that Allison is going to complicate her life by making her an accomplice in trying to kill Kevin. Her brother’s words influence Patty to fight with Allison.

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Patty tells Allison that she will not follow her words blindly anymore and even takes Neil to a hospital despite Allison’s opposition. Patty also accuses Allison of not being serious enough concerning their predicament as she ignores Neil to make the advertisement for Kevin. However, their fight doesn’t last long as they reconnect after meeting at the hospital. More than anyone, Patty knows Allison’s suffering and she doesn’t want to leave the latter alone in her fight. In addition, Patty knows the depth of their friendship, which is not at all what Neil thinks and says it is.

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