Khanya and Nkateko: The Ultimatum South Africa Couple Broke Up

In Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa,’ six couples start an experimental journey that tests the strength of their relationships. Each couple joins the show because one partner has issued an ultimatum for marriage. Once on the show, the couples separate and spend three weeks with a different contestant before reuniting with their original partner for an equal amount of time. At the end of the experience, they must respond to their partner’s ultimatum. Khanya Nqolase and Nkateko Mahange entered the first season at a similar stage in their relationship. They were put to the harshest test, and what followed was something neither of them could have anticipated. Yet, both emerged stronger from the experiences.

Khanya and Nkateko Had Different Experiences on the Show

Khanya Nqolase and Nkateko Mahange had a one-year relationship before Khanya presented the ultimatum, urging Nkateko to marry her. Khanya believed they were ready for this next step, while Nkateko expressed concerns about the need for greater financial security before committing to marriage. As they interacted with other contestants during the season, Khanya admitted to finding it challenging to connect quickly, citing her tendency to open up. Additionally, she shared that many of the other contestants could have been more interesting.

Conversely, Nkateko made a favorable impression on several female contestants, with many finding him charming. As the contestants prepared to enter into a “trial marriage” with a partner they had connected with, Nkateko hoped to be chosen by Thabi. However, when Sizakele approached him, he saw it as an opportunity to explore a potential relationship further. Meanwhile, Khanya also had a promising start with Issac, and their interactions also began on a positive note.

About a week elapsed before Issac and Khanya began arguing, primarily due to their incompatible living habits. Issac believed Khanya had unrealistic expectations, feeling entitled to royal treatment without contributing equally to household chores. Meanwhile, Khanya seemed more preoccupied with Nkateko and Sizakele’s apparent bond. She frequently targeted Sizakele, accusing her of fabricating a connection with Nkateko and making disparaging remarks about her appearance and body.

As the moment approached for the couples to reunite with their original partners, Nkateko and Khanya both harbored doubts about whether they could reconcile. Taking a step back, they allowed themselves time to process their emotions and gradually fell back into a reassuring rhythm. Khanya came to value the stability and grounding that Nkateko provided, while Nkateko gained insight into Khanya’s aspirations for a married life together.

Khanya and Nkateko Are No Longer Together

When the time came for Nkateko Mahange to address the ultimatum, he created an atmosphere that hinted at a proposal, sparking excitement in Khanya Nqolase. However, her joy turned to disappointment when he presented her with a promise ring instead. Although Nkateko assured her of his commitment to propose eventually, Khanya felt frustrated by what she perceived as evasion of the question at hand. Feeling unable to wait any longer, she ended the relationship, and they agreed to part ways.

Following his graduation from IIE MSA with a Bachelor’s in Commerce in 2016, Nkateko embarked on a career path centered around business, consulting, and advertising. He gained experience as a business strategist at Cubic P Hygiene and provided business consulting services to Pinnabill. Currently, he holds the position of Sales and Strategist Manager at Vividaret, where he has established himself in Johannesburg. Outside of his professional endeavors, Nkateko prioritizes his physical health, maintaining a dedicated gym and fitness regimen. While he identifies as an entrepreneur, he has chosen to keep the specifics of his business ventures private, focusing instead on his career and personal growth.

Khanya is focused on crafting a digital presence and solidifying her status as a social media influencer. In January 2024, she joyfully welcomed a baby boy into her life, a significant milestone that she believes has transformed her profoundly. During the show, Khanya expressed uncertainties about marriage but was always confident about her desire to become a mother. Embracing motherhood has been a profoundly fulfilling experience for her, aligning with the vision she had set for herself. These days, she proudly showcases her new mom looks and fondly reminisces about her pregnancy journey, reflecting on her remarkable progress.

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