Kiichiro “Kiichi” Sakamoto: Love Deadline Star Now Works as a Model

Through Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline,’ the cast members try their best to find the person they want to marry and spend the rest of their lives with. The show’s unique format, combined with its spin on the conventional nature of proposals, has helped it gain much popularity with the viewers. As such, Kiichiro “Kiichi” Sakamoto’s recent exit from the reality show’s first season has left many of the fans disheartened, especially since his journey for love could not be fulfilled. Now, the world is eager to know what he has been up to these days.

Kiichiro “Kiichi” Sakamoto’s Love Deadline Journey

In season 1 of the Netflix series, Kiichi Sakamoto was actually the first contestant to enter the show midway through. His entry took place after Yuta Yanagawa’s exit was announced and certainly caused some waves. The contestants immediately garnered attention from some of the female contestants, including Anna Tsumara, who at the time seemed conflicted about whether or not she wanted to leave with Yuta. However, Anna chose to stay behind, looking forward to what life might bring next.

Not long after his entry, Kiichi got the chance to take a walk with Anna, and the two started to explore their connection even more. Anna herself felt like there was a chance that she would now be able to move on from her past with Yuta. As such, she chose him to be her date when the group traveled to Kyoto, Japan. During this time, the two continued to explore their connection. However, Kiichi was also interested in seeing how well he would mesh with other female contestants on the show.

As such, when the dates were to be decided by mutual decision, Kiichi picked Sayuri “Sayu” Fujita and was pleasantly surprised upon learning that she had also picked his name. Prior to this, Sayu had been interested in Keisuke “Kei” Hashimoto but now seemed open to exploring more connections. For Kiichi, deciding between both women was far from an easy job. However, before he could make his next move, it was announced that Kiichi would be leaving the show. While Anna and Sayu had developed a good bond with him, neither proposed to him, likely due to the short amount of time that they had known him.

Where is Kiichiro “Kiichi” Sakamoto Now?

Following his time on the show, it does not seem like Kiichi has been seeing anyone. While the reality TV star seems to have positive memories of the show, his unfulfilled quest for love did dishearten his supporters. Nevertheless, he himself has been happily promoting the show and seems to have formed strong bonds with many of his fellow cast members. The reality TV star’s debut in the industry has also helped him gain several new fans.

While Kiichi primarily works as a Pharmacist, he is also known for his modeling gigs. In the past, he has posed for brands like Detox C Water and even used his social media presence to promote the companies he has collaborated with. Kiichi turned 30 in January 2024 and is looking forward to gaining more success in his chosen career path. When not working, he can be found spending time with his friends or working on his physique.

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