Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda: Love Deadline Star is Now an Author

Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline’ has easily become beloved across the world thanks to its heartwarming storylines. As such, every time a person leaves the show, we cannot help but feel a bit disheartened. This becomes double true in the case of people like Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda, the star from the show’s very first season, whose caring nature endeared him to many, though his romantic journey did not have the best path. Now, the world wants to know what he is up to these days.

Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda’s Love Deadline Journey

Fuku Fukuda was actually one of the first ten people who entered season 1 of the Netflix show in hopes of finding a spouse. The reality TV star’s amicable nature allowed him to make friends easily, and he also got to know more about where everyone’s interests lay. From the very start, he had been claiming that he wanted to cook everyone barbeque and certainly rose to the occasion when given a chance, earning much respect from his fellow cast members.

That said, there were not many people whom Fuku seemed to connect with romantically. The reality TV star did go on a date with Konona “Nona” Shiba, who had come to admire his gentle nature, but things did not proceed further. When the group moved to Kyoto, Japan, it was Shizuka “Shi” Eto who chose to partner with him, though her initial choice had been Takuya “Okapi” Okane. That said, at no point did any of the ladies find themselves not enjoying Fuku’s company.

In fact, during his time on the show, Fuku ended up taking a sort of elder brother role for many and deeply cared for the people he had spent so many days with. When it was announced that Fuku would be leaving the show, a majority of the cast members could not help but be visibly distraught over the development. Despite their deep-seated affection for Fuku, none of the ladies proposed to him, given the lack of romance in their bonds. This did not surprise Fuku, who confessed that he was aware that he had not exactly been able to find the kind of match that the show was intended for.

Where is Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda Now?

Presently, Fuku Fukuda seems to be enjoying the fame that he has earned, thanks to his role as a Netflix star. Working for a marketing company management, the reality TV star makes sure to hone his business skills and explore the field he is interested in. He delights in serving as a producer and host for music festivals and is certainly proud of his physical fitness accomplishments, which include being able to benchpress 200 kilograms.

Additionally, Fuku is involved in overseas real estate management, which includes various villas in the US state of Hawaii. He is also a sports enthusiast and has actually been donating baseball equipment to children since he was 25 years old, something that is indicative of his caring nature. Moreover, Fuku has written a book on muscle building and the financial benefits of the same, which is apparently a bestseller on Amazon. While it does not seem like Fuku is dating anyone as of writing, his fans remain hopeful that he will soon find his perfect match.

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