Saki Kamata: Love Deadline Contestant is a Yoga Instructor Today

Given the heartwarmingly unique nature of Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline,’ it is hardly a wonder that the world has come to love its participants very much. Season 1’s Saki Kamata is certainly no different, given her popularity both in and outside the show. The reality TV star easily captured the hearts of all those who came across her, which certainly allowed her to explore her options before making a final decision. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the world has become highly curious about just what she is up to these days.

Saki Kamata’s Love Deadline Journey

For Saki Kamata, the Netflix show provided an opportunity to get to know multiple people and find the one she would like to spend the rest of her life with. While her plans to go on an outing with Keisuke “Kei” Hashimoto did not come to fruition, the day was not lost as she got the chance to learn golf from Takayuki “Taka” Toda. In fact, the two quickly formed a strong connection, and Saki was delighted when Taka chose her to be his date the next day.

Together, Saki and Taka made glassware for each other and learned more about what they wanted from the future while enjoying the sunset. Hence, it was with pleasure that on the next day, Saki chose to wear the earrings that Taka had gifted her. However, she could not help but feel underwhelmed by the fact that Taka made no mention of the same. In the evening, she resolved to explore her interest in Yuta Yanagawa further by first pulling him aside for a chat and then going on a date with him the next day.

Saki certainly enjoyed her time with Yuta and returned with a happy smile on her face. Not much later, Taka pulled her aside for a conversation during which he revealed that the glassware that the two had made had been completed and delivered. He also confessed that he had indeed noticed Saki wearing the earrings that he had gifted her but had not been able to pluck the courage to say something about it. While Saki appreciated the effort, she also mentioned how Taka had not initiated any text messages following their date together.

Unfortunately, Saki’s budding connection with Yuta came to an end when he was eliminated. While upset about the same, she remained resolved about not letting the development get her down. As such, when the group reached Kyoto, Japan, she opted to go on a date with Takuya “Okapi” Okane, which once more baffled Taka. However, when the time came for the participants to mutually choose their dates once more, Saki and Taka ended up choosing each other.

According to Saki, going on dates with other men had helped her realize that Taka might be the only man for her. The date that the two went on allowed her to further realize just how special their connection was, especially when she learned that both of them thought the same sunset to be their best moment on the show and had clicked a picture of the same only 2 minutes apart. As such, when it was announced that Taka would be leaving soon, Saki chose to propose to him. However, despite his considerable feelings for Saki, Taka chose to reject the offer.

Where is Saki Kamata Now?

As of writing, Saki Kamata lives in Okinawa, Japan, having moved there from Ibaraki, Japan. The reality TV star turned 28 on June 1, 2023, and does not seem to have any regrets about her time on the show. Despite the fact that her proposal was rejected, she has been happily promoting the reality show and has gained much love and admiration from viewers across the world who have fallen for her charms themselves.

On a more professional note, Saki is an accomplished Yoga Instructor and takes pride in all that she has been able to achieve through her work. The reality TV star showcased her skills in the Netflix series when competing against other women in a paddleboard challenge. Additionally, Saki is a nature lover who enjoys every beautiful thing that the world has to offer. She also seems a huge fan of coffee and often starts her days with a delicious caffeinated treat.

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