Takayuki “Taka” Toda: Love Deadline Star is Now a Cosmetic Surgeon

Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline‘ is known for its unique concept since it is solely up to the women to propose marriage to someone who they think might be their perfect match. However, the time in which they can do so is limited and often filled with many ups and downs that keep the audience captivated. As such, many were upset to see Takayuki “Taka” Toda exit the show in the manner that he did, especially given the affection that many had started to feel for the reality TV star. Hence, many are curious about what he has been up to since then.

Takayuki “Taka” Toda’s Love Deadline Journey

Taka Toda was actually among the first ten contestants who entered the Netflix show with the aim of finding a person to get married to. However, owing to his shy personality, Taka found it difficult to confess his feelings or even make a move. During the first rounds of dates, even though no one asked him to go on a date, he did end up enjoying himself as he got to spend quality time with Saki Kamata, who also did not go on a date.

Happily impressed with the time he spent with Saki, Taka chose her to be his partner of choice for the next date. The two went to a glassblowing workshop and made gifts for each other, which was followed by them spending time at the beach with each other while enjoying the sunset. At the end of it all, Taka could not help but feel delighted about the amazing time he had spent with Saki. He even gifted her a set of earrings as a sign of his affection for her.

The very next day, Saki wore the earrings that Taka had gifted her. However, when he failed to mention it throughout the day, Saki could not help but feel disappointed. In the evening, she asked Yuta Yanagawa if she could chat with him in private, which threw Taka off. Even when Saki and Yuta went on a date based on mutual choice, Taka remained silent as he was unsure how to express his emotions to the woman he had come to like.

Following Saki’s date with Yuta, Taka asked to talk to her in private, where he revealed that the glassware that they had made for each other had been delivered. Both parties appreciated the gifts made by the other. Taka then confessed that he had indeed noticed Saki wearing the earrings, but his conflicted emotions led him to not talk about it at all. Following the conversation, Taka seemed to be gearing up to approach Saki once again but then decided to wait some as he thought he should give Saki some space over Yuta’s elimination.

During their time in Kyoto, Japan, Saki chose to walk around the city with Takuya “Okapi” Okane, while Taka was chosen by Konona “Nona” Shiba. However, Taka’s interest was only focused on Saki, and as such, he chose her to be his next date. He was pleasantly surprised when Saki did the same and was determined to make the best of the outing. Indeed, the pair spent more and more time learning about each other, and Saki was most impressed when both she and Taka brought out pictures of the same sunset as their favorite moment in the show.

When it was revealed that Taka would have to leave the show, Saki could not help but feel that this might be it for her. She appreciated how thoughtful Taka was, and the fact that they cherished similar things in life led her to propose to Taka before he left the show completely. While Taka was undeniably moved by the gesture, he commented how he had been wracked with indecision and hesitance throughout his time in the show and how his vagueness meant that he and Saki were not able to spend as much together as they could have. These factors led him to refuse the proposal, although doing so undeniably broke his heart.

Where is Takayuki “Taka” Toda Now?

Presently, Taka Toda seems to be thriving in his career as a Cosmetic Surgeon. The Japanese man is affiliated with River Clinic, which opened in September 2023, with Taka in charge of the establishment and its workings. Meanwhile, the former Director of Shinjuku Ebisu is looking forward to opening an independent beauty clinic, which would allow him to not only utilize his skills as a surgeon but also put his business skills to good use.

When not working hard, Taka likes to spend his time in the company of his loved ones, often taking the chance to let go of his burdens to enjoy what life has to offer him. It does not look like Taka is dating anyone as of writing, and he has not opened up about whether or not he and Saki Kamata chose to continue their relationship despite his refusal to get engaged. However, the fact that the two do not follow each other on Instagram might indicate that the two have indeed separated for good.

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