Kim and Penn: Where is The Amazing Race S33 Winning Duo Now?

Fox’s ‘The Amazing Race 33 premiered in 2022 and featured 11 teams with pre-existing relationships racing across Europe for a $1,000,000 prize. The season began in February 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic halted production for over a year and a half. Resuming in September 2021, the race covered two continents and seven countries, traveling over 22,000 miles. Starting from various U.S. cities, teams raced through England, Scotland, Switzerland, France, Greece, and Portugal, culminating in Greater Los Angeles. Married internet personalities Kim and Penn Holderness emerged victorious, and their endeavors in real life since then are as quirky as their internet personalities.

Penn and Kim’s Journey on the Show Was as Vibrant as their Life

Penn and Kim Holderness, partners for nearly two decades, have captivated audiences for over ten years as online content creators, renowned for their innovative sketch comedy and parody music videos. With a fan base almost big enough to fill a small country, Penn and Kim decided to dip their toes into various waters – from writing books to chatting up a storm on podcasts. Oh, and let’s not forget their crowning achievement (which probably brings you here) – beating out the competition on ‘The Amazing Race’ season 33. They’re basically the ultimate power couple, riding the fame wave like pros!

Living in Raleigh, North Carolina, with their children, Lola and Penn Charles, and their dog, Sunny, Kim and Penn demonstrated remarkable resilience on ‘The Amazing Race.’ Despite being the oldest team, they didn’t fail to revel and flaunt their physical and mental prowess against younger competitors. Kim’s keen attention to detail (read: anxious overthinking if not deployed correctly) paired with Penn’s ADHD “superpowers” of quick decision-making (read: Impulsive Decision Making, in case things go south) turned out to be a winning combination on ‘The Amazing Race.’ While Penn’s ADHD and Kim’s anxiety could have been stumbling blocks, they instead propelled the duo forward, navigating through challenges with ease and anticipation. As the race resumed with a focus on self-driving due to COVID-19 protocols, the couple’s combined prowess helped them excel. In the dying embers, Kim’s documentation came in clutch to solve the Final Memory Challenge swiftly, helping the oldies give every other participant a gentle reminder that age indeed can just be a number.

Jack-of-All: Penn and Kim are not-so-micro Influencers

Penn Holderness has been a Partner and Creative Consultant at Walk West since January 2017 and the Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Holderness Family Productions since 2013. Kim Holderness is the CEO and Founder of Holderness Family Productions and a Partner at Walk West. Their expertise spans broadcast news, content marketing, video production, and social media management.

Penn has been a vocal advocate for embracing life with ADHD, encapsulating his belief in the mantra, “You Can Be Spectacular.” This philosophy takes center stage in their latest book, “ADHD is Awesome,” released on April 30, 2024, which they’ve been touring across the United States, culminating in a successful run in Minnesota on June 4. Offering a refreshing perspective on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, the book not only provides practical strategies for navigating life with ADHD but also infuses humor to ensure readers have a chuckle or two along the way. Meanwhile, Kim opens up about her struggles with anxiety, often incorporating these experiences into skits, including concepts like National Introvert Month.

In addition to their literary pursuits, the Holdernesses are quite the promotional powerhouses. From advocating for brands like Jiffy Lube and Prevent Cancer to appearing in Target advertisements, they’re everywhere! But it’s not all about product placement; they’re passionate about promoting healthy habits too, teaming up with Kevin Natural Foods to spread the word. And when it comes to wheels, they’re loyal to Toyota, singing the praises of their trusty rides. But that’s not all—they’ve also carved out a space in the e-commerce world, running an online shop stocked with games, tees, and other fun merchandise.

Adding another feather to their cap, the Holderness family recently unveiled their latest creation, “What The Flock?”—a game that promises hours of fun and entertainment. This new release follows in the footsteps of their earlier success, “Family-Faceoff,” which hit the shelves in October 2022. With their knack for crafting engaging games, it’s no wonder fans can’t get enough of their playful creations.

The Holderness Family burst onto the scene in 2013 with their viral sensation, ‘XMAS Jammies,’ sparking a phenomenon that continues to captivate audiences year after year. With each holiday season comes a fresh rendition of this beloved classic, alongside a treasure trove of over 300 additional parodies. Their comedic genius extends beyond festive cheer, as they fearlessly tackle the trials and tribulations of everyday married life, parenting woes, and the quirks of ADHD in their signature relatable style. Not content to simply entertain, they skillfully infuse their content with subtle critiques, from poking fun at the formulaic predictability of Hallmark movies to delivering spot-on celebrity impressions (you should definitely have a look at Penn as Billie Joe Armstrong).

On their popular Holderness Family Podcast, Penn and Kim offer a humorous and relatable take on the challenges of marriage, parenting, and working together. Memorable episodes include a candid conversation with Matthew McConaughey about parenthood, aired on October 11, 2023. With a strong focus on mental health and ADHD advocacy, their latest episode, released on June 4th, features guest Amy Marie Hann, a fellow ADHD awareness advocate and mom. Earlier in April 2024, they joined Debbie Reber’s TILT podcast to delve into topics ranging from Penn’s college ADHD diagnosis to reframing ADHD traits as strengths, Kim’s insights into Penn’s executive functioning, and strategies for managing ADHD in their neurodiverse relationship.

The Holderness Family has been celebrating quite a few milestones lately! Kim marked her 48th trip around the sun on March 28, 2024 while Lola Zelle joined the 17 club on February 9, 2024 as well. Penn Jr.’s special day rolled around on December 23rd, just after they raised a toast to Penn himself on October 13th, 2023, wherein he turned 49.

The Holderness Family isn’t just an influencer; they have evolved to be a household name. With their comedically relatable content and unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy, they’re not only captivating audiences online but also making waves in the real world. Their ever-increasing influence knows no bounds, and it’s no surprise that they are still going strong as ever.

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