Gyu-ri and Min-kyu: Are the Single’s Inferno Couple Still Together?

Since the world of dating is as complex as it is wholesome owing to the efforts and romance involved at every turn, reality shows underscoring the same have been all the rage in recent years. This includes the South Korea-based Netflix original ‘Single’s Inferno‘ too, only for its season 3’s Kim Gyu-ri and Park Min-kyu to give us the epitome of an intricate yet natural real-world relationship. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about them — with a particular focus on their backgrounds, their experiences, as well as their current standing, we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Gyu-ri and Min-kyu’s Single’s Inferno Journey

Although Gyu-ri and Min-kyu were in different Infernos at the very beginning, he became completely enamored by her from the moment he laid eyes on her owing to her sweet charm. He’d actually matched with Yun Ha-Jeong the previous day for Paradise, only for them to be separated during breakfast to reveal there were two infernos and many more people to get to know. Fortunately, Gyu-ri returned his sentiments, and they actually matched for Paradise on Day 2 itself, with their moment of spark being a horrible joke he’d made on which she laughed.

The fact Gyu-ri matched Min-kyu type was also a bit plus, and they thus got to know one another on an ever deeper level without any restrictions – they learned there was a 6-year age gap between them, but neither seemed to mind. However, while he decided that night right there and then he’d stick to her and not even think of approaching others, she was admittedly curious about others, especially Choi Min-woo. So, as they returned, they continued talking to make it clear they were still potential partners but also gave one another space to approach others if they were interested.

It was thus little surprise to Min-kyu that Gyu-ri chose Min-woo for a Paradise date when she got the chance – he was obviously disappointed, but he also understood she needed to go through the process. Little did he know, though, that she’d get swayed by his innocent charm to such an extent he’d practically become her first choice – she actually asked him not to waver despite knowing his interest in Yu Si-eun. But alas, everything changed once the latter realized that Si-eun was the one for him, taking the burden of choice off Gyu-ri’s shoulders because she was still contemplating.

This then led Gyu-ri and Park-min to reconnect in the final days, and when it came time for decision day, they did choose one another without any hesitancy. It initially did seem like the former had settled for her second choice, yet her statements during the selection ceremony made it seem like anything but. In other words, the latter’s patience, perseverance, as well as sincerity paid off because she admittedly felt like she walked away with the man she knew was right for her long term.

Gyu-ri and Min-kyu Could Still Be Together

Considering Gyu-ri and Min-kyu’s stint in the original production, it’s highly likely the duo are still romantically involved. The truth is neither this 28-year-old professional model nor the 34-year-old Coast Guard Police Officer have explicity revealed their relationship status as of writing, yet they could very well be keeping it a secret for right now owing to their recent rise in the public eye. Whatever the case may be though, they both appear perfectly content with their life these days, which is all that matters in the long run. We’re honestly rooting for them and can’t wait to see what’s next.

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