Kim of Queens: Where is the Cast Now?

Helping others carry the torch forward, ‘Kim of Queens’ follows former Miss Georgia Kim Gravel as she trains young girls for beauty pageants. Along with her sister Allisyn and mother Jo, the crowned winner directs and encourages others to succeed in pageantry. As the mothers of these young girls try to include their opinions or question Kim’s methods, several dramatic situations follow. This Lifetime reality television show was released in 2014, and almost a decade later, fans are curious to know the whereabouts of the young cast.

Kim Gravel is a Life Coach Today

Having won the crown of Miss Georgia at 19, Kim hoped to impart key takeaways to the trainees at The Pageant Place. Shortly after the show ended, she partnered with QVC, a television and online retail entity, to launch her apparel line, Belle by Kim Gravel. Not just this, she also launched a cosmetics line titled Belle Beauty. This former US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan has since even evolved into a certified life coach.

Having appeared on ‘The Steve Harvey Show,’ Kim is thus known for her work as an advisor, life coach, and consultant. The internet and television personality has since also become the author of ‘Collecting Confidence.’ Moreover, Kim is the host of a podcast called ‘The Kim Gravel Show.’ Based in Atlanta, the 52-year-old now continues to experience the benevolence of life one step at a time. Along with her husband, Travis, and their two sons, Beau and Blanton, this QVC host continues to use her platform to uplift and encourage women in all aspects of life.

Allisyn Hardee Lambes is a Brand Ambassodor Today

Alongside her sister, Allisyn played a pivotal role in directing young girls hone their abilities. Having won Mrs. Kennesaw in 1997, her eye for performances and presentation allowed her to helm the operations at The Pageant Place successfully. Since the show ended, she has taken the reigns of the establishment. As the owner of The Pageant Place, the television personality coaches more than 150 girls nationwide every year.

Besides this, Allisyn is the Brand Ambassador for Belle Beauty as well. She regularly appears on the shopping channel QVC, where she displays an assortment of products. In addition to collaborating with her sister on the brand, she also enjoys bliss in her personal life. This Georgia-based star is married to Sean and enjoys spending time with her sons, Brooks and Brantley, along with stepdaughter Haley. Despite getting diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes, Allisyn is committed to embracing all the challenges life throws her way.

Jo Hardee is Focusing on Her Health And Family

With a no-nonsensical approach to pageant training and coaching, Jo’s invaluable experience became pivotal for the show. Having left reality television, she is now focused on spending time with her family and loved ones. At 76, the television personality largely devotes her time to accelerating the business at The Pageant Place and taking time for her health and well-being.

Deborah Tyra is Spending Time With Her Daughter

While her previous experience in pageants helped Deborah give her daughter the headstart she needed, the model evidently failed to be crafty enough in several situations. Nevertheless, she still managed to enable her daughter Hannah to highlight her strengths as a young woman starting out in pageants. The former Miss Gwinnett has since appeared on ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot.’

Deborah has also worked as a production designer on ‘The Ortega Show.’ The holy devout still cherishes her belief and regularly opens up about her learnings on social media. While the television personality likes to remain tight-lipped on her personal life, she’s extremely close to her mother and daughter and regularly shares snippets of her life online.

Hannah Stark is Exploring The Entertainment Industry

Overcoming her battle with Anorexia and trying to solidify her name in the pageant industry, Hannah jumped through several obstacles. After the show, the now 22-year-old made an appearance on ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ and served as a principal consultant on ‘The Ortega Show.’ In addition to beginning her college education, she also hopes to explore a career in the entertainment industry. Like her mother, Deborah, Hannah also holds her beliefs close and likes to share her experiences online.

Angie Brooks McCoy Owns a Dance Studio Today

Despite finding herself at odds with Kim, Angie encouraged her daughter Marah to rise above several challenges. Based in Vidalia, Georgia, the television personality has since been focusing on the operations of the Sassy Sisters Dance Studio. As the owner of the studio, she helps young performers refine their dance movements. In addition, she also helps young girls and women enhance their skills for pageants.

Angie is also a pre-kindergarten teacher at Toombs Central. On the personal front, she tied the knot with Allen McCoy in December 2022. The couple continues to share moments of bliss and regularly post moments of conjugal harmony on their social media. When she’s not working, the loving grandmother likes to spend time with her daughters and grandchildren.

Marah Collins is Now Engaged

Gaining recognition for her excellent dancing skills and ability to overcome challenges, Marah was a leading face in the pageant circle. Since her exit from reality television, she has focused on her education and herself. Marah is still devoted to her mother. The mother-daughter duo have even appeared on Kim Gravel’s podcast. The 22-year-old graduated from high school in 2020. When the star is not exploring opportunities and is busy with work engagements, she likes to spend time with her fiance, Stephen Best.

LeeAnn Greene is Leading a Private Life Today

Image Credit: Kim Gravel Live/YouTube

Hoping to help her daughter overcome stage fright and improve in the interview portion, LeeAnn Greene tried and tested several methods. Despite going through a rough divorce, she managed to hold her head up throughout the filming process. Since her appearance reality television, LeAnn has remained tight-lipped about her personal and professional details. While the television personality largely keeps her life under wraps, she has since appeared in Kim Gravel’s YouTube interview, where she and her daughter Anslee talked about the challenges they faced while filming.

Anslee Busby is Now Spending Time With Loved Ones

Throughout her time on the show, Anslee displayed an undeterred resolve despite facing impediments. After the show ended, the Miss Cumming Fair Outstanding Teen went on to finish her education at Cherokee High School. Based in Georgia, the 25-year-old works locally and has held positions as a Manager. The Dolly Parton fanatic loves spending time with her dog, Jolene, and is still close to her family. Despite getting diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes, Anslee still embraces the challenges life has sent her. When she’s not working, the television personality likes to unwind with her friends and loved ones.

Kelly Wingate Runs a Personal Care Brand Today

Hoping to bring about a new look in her daughter, Kelly helped Addison kickstart her pageant journey. Despite maintaining a low profile on social media, Kelly is still invested in exponentiating her daughter’s career. Together, the mother-daughter duo have also expressed interest in establishing their own clothing line. Kelly also runs a beauty and personal care brand called Southern Belles & Bombshells Beauty with Addy and Kellz.

Addison Wingate is a Businesswoman Now

Leaving behind her pageant journey, Addison is exponentially growing as an internet personality. The YouTube creator has since used her knowledge of beauty products, clothing, and personal care to kickstart her own brands. Fans and readers can find Addison’s wide range of products under Nanny P’s on Facebook and Instagram. Addison also shares a flair for presenting products and has even expressed interest in working with Kim Gravel. Naturally, we await all the personal and professional progress the 23-year-old will achieve.

Eunice Brown-Flanigan is a Dedicated Homemaker Today

Ensuring that her daughter succeeds at every stage, Eunice helped Rayven solidify her name in the pageant industry. Not long after Rayven ventured into theatre, Eunice encouraged her youngest to pursue pageantry. Like her elder sister, Joy, 13, is also an up-and-coming face in pageants. Aside from kickstarting her daughter’s career, Eunice also enjoys spending time with her loved ones. Along with her husband, Ben Flannigan, the Georgia-based mother-of-three is often busy with work and household responsibilities.

Rayven Bailey is a Theatre Artist Now

Under her mother’s tutelage, Rayven excelled at several art forms. From dance and sports to singing and writing, the television personality shared an affinity for creativity. Subsequently, Rayven explored a career in theatre. The Carnegie Mellon University alum has been expanding her horizons as a theatre artist. The award-winning performer has worked in productions like ‘The Drowsy Chaperone,’ ‘Sister Act,’ ‘Into the Woods,’ and ‘Hairspray.’ Based in New York, the 23-year-old is currently working with The North Carolina Theatre on ‘The Color Purple.’

Adia Houston is Focusing on Her Family Now

Hoping to turn a new leaf with her daughter, Adia wanted to give her daughter a place where she could explore her horizons. Despite facing initial roadblocks, the television personality partnered up with Kim Gravel to help her daughter become the best version of herself. Years later, Adia has maintained a life outside public scrutiny by concealing her professional and private information. Nevertheless, we hope that she continues to explore new avenues of success with her family and loved ones.

Alexis Houston is Now a Vlogger

Overcoming the menial obstacles that lay in her path, Alexis showed her excellence on the ramp more than once. Besides working as a rapper and a model, Alexis helms the operations at City Street Treats, an Atlanta-based establishment for smoking accessories, hookah, and party games. With an ever-evolving online following, the internet personality is a vlogger as well. While she likes to keep her dating life under wraps, it is apparent that Alexis is creating several professional and personal milestones!

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