Kisha Batista: Beyond the Aggressives Star is Now a Respected Artist

Under the direction of Daniel Peddle, Showtime’s ‘Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later’ has emerged as an authentic sequel to the 2005 documentary, ‘The Aggressives.’ The film follows four of the original cast members from the first movie and the changes that have taken place in their lives over the years. Among them all, Kisha Batista’s story connected with the viewers with the same ferocity that it had about two decades ago.

Kisha Batista Became an Icon For Many

In the 2005 movie, Kisha Batista introduced director Daniel Peddle and the viewers to various aggressive individuals. She herself has just started to find herself. Hence, when she stepped foot into the world of modeling, she learned a way to express herself in a true, authentic self while also standing proudly in front of the world. Her story certainly has an impact on many individuals, especially those from the LGBTQ+ community.

When the Showtime documentary caught up with Kisha, she was seen with a camera in her hand. She explained that she has taken up the duty of documenting various younger members of the community and portraying them authentically through her work. Many of the individuals who were in front of her camera shared that they had grown up admiring Kisha and her fellow cast members from 2005. They shared that Kisha’s presence in the movie has allowed them to feel represented and understand that they were not alone in this world in regard to how they felt.

As for Kisha, she shared that photography is not the only art form that she has picked up. Whether it be painting, woodworking, photography, or sketching, she has learned many ways to share her vision with the world. Most of her creative work is centered around people from the LGBTQ+ community in order to share their stories with the world. Additionally, Kisha confessed that she often enjoyed capturing the essence of beautiful women through her work.

Over the years, Kisha’s work has earned much public admiration, with many of her creations and photographs having found a place in one exhibition or the other. Additionally, she has become involved in the entertainment industry as an actor, with some of her most well-known projects including ‘Manifest,’ ‘Inside Man,‘ and ‘Orange Is the New Black.’ Her diverse set of skills and dedication to uplifting those around her has earned Kisha the respect of many.

On a more personal note, Kisha’s close relationship with her mother, Melissa Alleyne, was also one of the highlights of the follow-up movie. Kisha herself expressed happiness over how much support she had gained from her mother. She also commented on how much they resembled each other. Hence, when the latter part of the movie shared that Melissa had passed away, many felt Kisha’s pain. Overwhelmed, she confessed how it seemed unbelievable and how Kisha now felt adrift about her future without a mother.

Where is Kisha Batista Now?

As of of the four stars of ‘Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later,’ Kisha Batista has easily gained love from the world. She is also the only person among the four who, as of writing, does not identify as a male and has not transitioned. Based in New York, she remains as proud of her motorcycles as ever, having even introduced the world to her sweet two-wheeled rides. She is also quite interested in baking and often shares food-related content on social media. She also celebrated her 45th birthday in July 2023 with much happiness.

In fact, Kisha completed the 14-week First Course NYC restaurant cook apprenticeship on August 20, 2023 and has a certificate to prove the same. She gained this achievement in collaboration with Hot Bread Kitchen, adding one more skill to her arsenal. That said, she continues to mourn her dear mother, Melissa Alleyne, who passed away in September 2022. The loss remains a bitter one for Melissa, who often shares pictures of herself and her mother on social media in order to share her love with the world.

More recently, on December 2, 2023, Kisha also had to say goodbye to her beloved dog, Gia Batista. The canine in question was just shy of turning 18 but was mourned deeply by Kisha. She has a pitbull named Dior, with whom she also shares a close bond. Despite the losses in her life, Kisha has tried to maintain a positive outlook and continues to champion the cause of the LGBTQ+ community. She has also expressed her delight in the praises that the Showtime documentary has received.

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