The Aggressives: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

‘The Aggressives’ is a documentary directed by Daniel Peddle and released in 2005 that focused on apparent women of color who were masculine-presenting. Since their time in the film, the lives of the featured individuals have changed, and a lot of this development has been covered in Showtime’s ‘Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later.’

Chin Tsui is Showcasing His Skills as a Chef

Since his detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in 2016, Chin Tsui‘s life was turned upside down. His struggles prior to that were certainly not simple, but he has emerged from it all as a man determined to forge a path for himself. Chin is now back in New York and is close to his family. He was one of the four individuals featured in the Showtime movie, which allowed the world to learn in detail about all that Chin had gone through over the years. Now, the trans man is free and has seemingly resolved his legal issues when it comes to his documentation. He works for a restaurant as a chef and is determined to take care of his father, Eddie Tsui.

Octavio Sanders is Thriving as a Maintenance Worker

Though he had not fully transitioned in the original 2005 movie, the sequel followed Octavio Sanders as he went through a top surgery. He had been hesitant before for the sake of his son Tyquan Sanders, as he did not want his decision to reflect on him. However, Tyquan has showcased his full support for his parents. It seems like Octavio may also be using the name ZyZy Perez, but he has settled into his career as a mechanic maintenance worker. He was also a part of ‘Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later.’

A resident of Troy, New York, Octavio seems content with the changes in his life after the surgery, having felt sensitive about his breasts in the past. He did go through a breakup recently but clarified that it had nothing to do with his medical procedure. Recently, he was devastated by the loss of his grandmother, who passed away in March 2024. Both Octavio and Tyquan had been close to her and continue to mourn the loss.

Trevon Haynes is in a Happy Relationship

We are happy to share that Trevon Haynes is in a happy relationship with his partner, Jade Hart. The two had first met in 2013 and are now engaged to be married. Though the two have faced many ups and downs in their relationship, they remain by each other’s side and have been planning a future together. They even shared their plans for a future with kids together during their time on ‘Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later.’

Now based in Palm Springs, California, Trevon Haynes works as a doordash delivery driver. He has confessed that while he identifies as a trans man, he has not had a top surgery done, knowing that it might make him seem more like a non-binary person. His relationship with his aunt Greta Allen had been a joy for many to behold in the movie. As such, the news of her passing on September 25, 2023, has disheartened many. Greta had been admitted to a hospital in August 2023, and Trevon had asked many to send their prayers along her way. As such, he remains understandably distraught about losing such a big presence in his life.

Kisha Batista is Quite an Artist

Kisha Batista is the fourth person who appeared in ‘Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later.’ Having always been a creative person, she has used various art forms as her outlet of expression. Whether it is painting, woodworking, photography, or some other form of art, Kisha is always happy to share her thoughts and vision with the world. She is also a huge travel enthusiast and likes riding her motorcycle through the streets of New York. Interestingly, she has also worked as an actress in projects like ‘Manifest,’ ‘Inside Man,‘ and ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

Having formed a close relationship with her mother, Melissa Alleyne, Kisha was devasted when her mother breathed last in September 2022. The loss continues to pain Kisha, who often shares pictures of her mother on social media to lament that their time together was cut short. Over the years, Kisha has continued to amass various skills that have helped her share her work with the world. As such, her work is often displayed at various exhibitions, allowing the world to see what Kisha is capable of.

Marquise Balenciaga is a Proud Activist

Marquise Vilsón Balenciaga has gone on to become an icon for transgender males. A part of the House of Balenciaga, he has become an active part of the entertainment industry. Some of the projects that he has worked on include ‘A League of Their Own,’ ‘Quantum Leap,’ ‘Tom Swift,’ and many more. Over the years, he has also contributed much to the ballroom scene of New York and was hence given a position within the Dorian Corey Hall of Fame in 2020.

Some other awards that Marquise has earned over the years include the Eric Christian Bazaar Award, the Octavia St. Laurent Trans Activist Award, and the Masquerade Blue Print Award. Recently, he has endorsed the Artists Call for Ceasefire Now petition that was submitted to President Joe Biden in regard to the Israel-Palestine Conflict. While Marquise himself is not very active on social media, his work and goodwill have earned him the love of many.

Rjai Johnson Prefers to Lead a Private Life

Having appeared in ‘The Aggressives’ at the age of 28, Rjai Johnson was not part of the sequel movie. In fact, Rjai has preferred to keep a low profile since his time in the 2005 movie. He would have turned 51 on February 11, 2024. His presence in the original film had served as an inspiration to many, especially given his prominent presence in the ballroom scene. However, he now seems to prefer staying away from the limelight and is seemingly not active on social media.

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