KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Episode 3 Recap: Guardians of the Crimson Demon Village

In ‘KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World’ episode 3 titled ‘Guardians of the Crimson Demon Village,’ Megumi and her classmates get a free study in the library because of an unexpected emergency in the village. That’s when they meet Bukkororii, who pleads with Megumi and Yunyun to help him get to know his crush Soketto. Although they come up with an interesting plan to impress Soketto, things eventually take an unexpected turn.

Megumin and Yunyun Meet Bukkororii

Just like any other ordinary day, Megumi and her classmates discuss mundane things about life. The topic of conversation typically revolves around Megumi’s familiar and its name. Someone comes up with the name Ink to refer to her. Although Megumi does not like it, she feels that it can be a temporary label until she can find a better name.

That’s when their teacher informs them that the monsters in the region are getting ornery again and the adults with be preoccupied with the investigations. Therefore, the afternoon class will be a free study in the library. Later that day, Megumi and her classmates are surprised when Bukkororii appears in the library revealing that he has learned the teleportation spell. Although he is treated harshly by the students, he eventually manages to convince Yunyun and Megumi to help him get closer to Soketto.

The trio comes up with a plan to fake an attack on Soketto in which Bukkororii will appear as the unexpected savior. In order to arrive at the scene at the appropriate time, Bukkororii uses an invisible magic spell. Unfortunately for him, Soketto is talented enough to sense his presence and attack him with a stick. She becomes quite furious when she realizes that its Bukkororii and scolds him for following her around. It is then revealed that she is under the impression that he hates her.

How Does Bukkororii Save Soketto’s Life? What Do His Fortunes Tell About His Love Life?

Just when Bukkororii is trying to talk himself out of the strange situation that he is in, he and others there notice a pack of One-Punch Bears approaching them. Even Megumi feels scared in the situation and Soketto proudly announces that she will fight for the two girls. But before they have to do something, Bukkororii stands ahead of everyone and promises to fight the monsters on his own. He uses Diabolic Flames to unleash a terrifying attack on the One-Punch Bears.

Although the advanced magic is powerful enough to defeat the monsters, unfortunately, Bukkororii has little control over his powers and Soketto accidentally gets caught up in the attack as well. Initially, she is quite furious but when she learns that Bukkoroii went so far just to earn some cash for fortune-telling, Soketto claims that she would have done it for free if she knew he was that desperate. When Bukkororii eventually gets to sit in front of the crystal ball, he tells Soketto that he wants to learn about his future partner.

Interestingly, no one really shows up despite Soketto using her magic. Even she is surprised since someone always shows up when she tries to check a person’s fortune. Bukkororii is understandably upset and simply runs away, bemoaning his future. Later at the Magic Academy, Yunyun and Megumi express pity for Bukkororii. Although the latter point out that future is malleable, she also adds that Soketto’s fortune-telling is quite accurate.

Why Are Students At the Magic Academy Advised to Not Go Back to Their Homes Alone?

After discussing a bit about Bukkororii, Yunyun and Megumi briefly talk about their own love life. Although the latter agrees with the former that she will probably meet someone while working as an adventurer, Megumi adds that her partner will definitely be a dashing peerless hero. Yunyun disagrees with her frenemy and claims that she will most likely fall for someone very normal. All of a sudden, the students are told by their teacher that the lower-level monsters are wandering in the vicinity. Until the seal of the Dark God’s tomb is fully restored, the students are strictly advised not to walk home alone and use the buddy system instead.

Naturally, the news is quite alarming and Yunyun feels that she should go with Megumi. As soon as she turns towards her, Megumi appears to accept the arrangement but then Yunyun is approached by two other students. Megumi quietly leaves the room and is heading back home alone when she is stopped just outside the Magic Academy’s gate by Yunyun. It turns out that she wants to go home with Megumi. Interestingly, they are soon joined by Megumi’s familiar as well and the two frenemies grow closer.

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