Krapp Strapp on Shark Tank: Tracking Their Success Story

Ensuring that camping and wilderness exploration become a ubiquitously comfortable experience, entrepreneur Keith Lindsey presents a unique product in season 15, episode 6 of ‘Shark Tank.’ The founder of the company seeks investment for Krapp Strapp, a product produced under his company Air Boss Motion Decays. In the hopes of making the outdoors comfortable for wilderness enthusiasts, the entrepreneur pitches an unconventional anomaly to investors. Guaranteeing complete comfort for people who want to dispel their bowels in the wild, the product makes answering nature’s call an easy experience. Given the unique nature of the business, fans have continued to wonder more about the founder and their whereabouts.

Krapp Strapp: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

For Keith Lindsey, the founder of Krapp Strapp, the light-bulb moment came when he was surrounded by flanking wilderness on either end. While chasing lost cattle, Keith had felt an overwhelming urge to cater to nature’s call. Even for the experienced wilderness enthusiast, hanging mid-air wasn’t easy. Not to mention, the added issues of ageing joints did not make the activity pleasant or easy.

Failing to find a comfortable solution for himself, he realized that others may also feel the same way. Ultimately, his dilemma gave him the start he needed to head into product development. While his epiphany gave him the idea to create a unique waistband, his years of experience as an industry leader in corporate structures gave him the wherewithal to kickstart his journey and go into business.

Consequently, he facilitated the creation of Krapp Strapp, a contraption that acts like a waistband and allows you to hold your weight without putting in a lot of effort. The waistband can be strapped around the individual as they stand anchored against the tree. The product has a padded strap to ensure that the weight of the individual is rightly held up.

Not just this, the band ensures that no more weight is placed on the thighs and knees of the person answering nature’s calls. Other additions to the design include two pockets. These serve as storage for toilet paper, germicides, and other essential toiletries. With a unique design that appeals to campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Krapp Strapp was designed to alleviate the issues that arise in the wild.

Where is Krapp Strapp Now?

A product that answers nature’s calling and puts the most vital struggle to ease, Krapp Strapp continues to scale new heights under the leadership of Keith Lindsey. Designed for locations where bathrooms are a distant reality, Krapp Strapp takes the added stress out of camping. While their product has appealed to countless across the nation, their appearance on Shark Tank has further played a role in their rising orders. Consumers can find the company’s product on their official website – Air Boss Motion Decoys. The outdoor accessory is priced at $49.95. With an adjustable strap that makes positioning easier, Krapp Strapp is ideal for both men and women.

Not just this, the product is manufactured out of Nylon Tree Strap and can hold upto 400 pounds of weight without pressuring the knees and thighs of the user. In addition to reducing strain on the legs, the product also comes with a transport bag. As a waterproof waistband, hunters, campers, fishers and hikers can easily use it without worrying about the weather conditions in the wild. While the product was primarily designed for people who like to frequent the wild, the 63-year-old founder Keith Lindsey believes that Krapp Strapp has far better applications.

The television personality thinks that the product’s targeted demographic can even include construction workers, remote contractors, and people who operate on the road. Given the nature of their work, these individuals find themselves on the road more often than not. As such, finding access to clean toilets that have suitable facilities is added time that they cannot afford to lose. Naturally, this product ensures that individuals do not have to go out of their way in the search for bathrooms.

East Texas business selling hunting 'relief' item to be featured on Shark Tank
Image Credit: KLTV

The ingenious solution is manufactured in Jacksonville, Texas, under the watchful eyes of the founder, who ensures that each piece matches high-quality standards. While Krapp Strapp is available at Air Boss Motion Decoys, it is not the only product that the establishment offers. In addition to the viral product, it even houses bunting decoys and other essentials for the outdoors.

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