Are Krisse-ly and Rasmus From Love Is Blind Sweden Still Together?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden‘ lives up to not only its title but also the grand reputation of its parent production in every way imaginable. This original is thus filled with drama, romance, stress, as well as sincerity at every step, with the bond between Krisse-Ly Kuldkepp and Rasmus Hedenstedt essentially being the prime example. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about them — with a specific focus on their core backgrounds, experiences together, and current possible standing — we’ve got all the key details for you.

Krisse-ly and Rasmus’s Love is Blind: Sweden Journey

From the moment 29-year-old Interior Designer Student Krisse-ly came across 32-year-old Transiett Chief Operating Officer Rasmus in the pods, there was an intense spark neither could deny. The truth is it started with them discussing her professional field, driving him to casually remark he’d built his own house lamps as he’s “not all thumbs,” which she genuinely found charming. Their conversation then swiftly moved on to their shared love for dogs as well as tattoos; plus, they both also made it clear they wore their hearts on their sleeves instead of playing any games.

It was thus no surprise that Krisse-ly and Rasmus walked away from their first date feeling extremely giddy, with the former even going as far as to express she was overwhelmed by emotions. “We had the same deal breakers,” she said. “He stole my lines. I was like, f**k, we’re so alike… I liked that” — it was as if she decided on him being the one for her right there and then. But alas, the self-employed hunk soon found himself naturally building a connection with Catja Lövstrand too, leading them to be in a bit of a limbo for a short while despite the former knowing this was all part of the experiment.

Nevertheless, Krisse-ly didn’t waiver in sharing the deepest parts of herself with Rasmus in the hope it would play its part in their strong foundation if they managed to make it all the way, ultimately enabling him to make a decision. The fact she could bear her soul without asking for anything but honesty in return made him realize he’d already fallen, so he broke up with Catja while making it clear he did still care for her. Motivated by this clear split plus his own continuous efforts to open up to her, the former took the plunge — she proposed to her beau on his birthday, and he gladly said yes.

If we’re being honest, Krisse-ly and Rasmus’ first meeting went exactly as you’d expect; they were over the moon, they kissed a lot, and he evened everything by getting down on one knee. Then came their luxe getaway to Cyprus, which painted a clear picture for them concerning what was to come — a lot more foolishness, romance, understanding, and support through everything.

The couple did get quite worried toward the end as they realized they hadn’t had a single big or small disagreement, yet they were also sure they were strong enough to face whatever came their way. Even her proposition to not be physically intimate on night one itself was met with utter respect; there was no disappointment or push or anything at all, only for it to make her take back the suggestion.

Then came Krisse-ly and Rasmus’ return to the real world, where they soon became worried over the connection between their respective dogs; their pets were their babies, so it was a deal breaker. Thankfully, following a bit of apprehension as well as insecurity, they were able to blend well, and even the former’s current lack of income due to her studying full-time didn’t waver their intentions.

Krisse-ly and Rasmus Are in Blissful Matrimony

Although neither Krisse-ly nor Rasmus has made their relationship status public as of writing, their now-deleted posts on social media were a clear giveaway of their continued happy involvement. It actually appears as if they walked down the aisle at the end of this experiment in spring 2023, following which they traveled across Italy for a summer break before settling down in Stockholm.

After all, not only do they mutually follow one another on Instagram, but their deleted posts also had major clues sprinkled throughout; the now self-made Interior Designer plus Sales Assistant had a ring on her finger in nearly every recent upload, the Transiett COO’s distinctive arm tattoos could be seen in a couple of her group shots, and a tattoo of her face could be seen on the inside of his left arm.

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