Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Episode 6 Recap: Nurse’s Office and Main Character

In the sixth episode of ‘Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible‘ titled ‘Nurse’s Office and Main Character,’ Shiraishi accidentally comes across Nagisa’s sisters Akina and Saki in a market. The following day at school, Nagisa helps him with some maths problems after she finds him struggling with them in the library. Since she has gotten used to being around him, she is quite concerned when Shiraishi does not show up at school after getting sick.

Shiraishi Meets Saki and Akina

Shiraishi-kun has gotten used be to invisible to his classmates that it does not surprise him anymore that his friends sometimes look for him when he is sitting right in front of them. When Tamao is looking for him one morning, Nagisa who has noticed Shiraishi refuses to tell her where their friend is. Later that evening, Shiraishi visits the market. He is painfully aware of the fact that he cannot drop anything while in a public space since people who end up finding his things cannot see him even when he is standing next to them. But this time things turn out to be quite different when he accidentally drops his handkerchief.

A blue-haired girl immediately picks it up and returns to Shiraishi. He is taken aback by the fact that the girl was able to notice him and starts feeling that he has started becoming quite visible lately. But it turns out that the girl is actually named Saki and she is there with Nagisa’s older sister Akina. Now, Akina has not forgotten the magazine incident at the bookstore and immediately recognizes Shiraishi as Nagisa’s friend. Interestingly, Saki is Nagisa’s younger sister and Akina even shares Nagisa’s photo from middle school to show how similar the two sisters look.

After exchanging Pine contacts, Shiraishi leaves. When Akina returns home with Saki, she teases Nagisa by mentioning Shiraishi. Meanwhile, Shiraishi’s mother warns him that she will take away his games if his grades fall any further. Therefore, he starts studying very seriously the following day. But he struggles with a few Maths questions and has no clue how to solve them. Luckily, Nagisa notices him struggling with the problems in the library and offers to help. That day Shiraishi not only understands those Maths questions but also realizes that Nagisa is a really good teacher.

How Does Shiraishi Take Care of Nagisa When She Gets Fever?

The day after he stays at home to recover, Shiraishi finally goes back to school. Unfortunately, he is late for the first class and when he observes that everyone is already busy, he decides to wait for the second period to sneak into the class. As he is sitting next to the door, Kubo-san comes out and notices him. She seems unwell and is about to fall on Shiraishi but is luckily able to slow down his fall thanks to the support of the wall.

It turns out that Nagisa has a very high fever and is currently feeling dizzy. She tells Shiraishi that she is going to the medical room to meet the nurse. Shiraishi feels that she should not go alone and asks her to go with someone from the class so that she is safe. But Nagisa explains that there is a quiz going on in the class as of now, so she doesn’t seem to want to disturb anyone.

Since Shiraishi had already decided to attend the class from the second period, he feels obligated to help her. He puts his arm around Nagisa, who is glad to learn that Shiraishi is going to accompany her to the medical room. When they finally get there, Nagisa’s dizziness has only gotten worse than before, so Shiraishi immediately puts her on the bed.

As the nurse is not there currently, Shiraishi is about to check her temperature. But Nagisa holds his arm to thank her. As their hands meet, Shiraishi notices that she is quite warm. But when he turns around to see her, he is shocked to learn that Kubo has already fallen asleep. The nurse arrives soon afterward and Shiraishi explains the whole scenario so that his friend gets the help she needs as soon as possible.

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