Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Episode 9 Recap: New School Year and Class Change

In the ninth episode of ‘Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible‘ titled ‘New School Year and Class Change,’ Shiraishi learns that he has been allotted the same class as Kubo, Hazuki, and Tama. The titular protagonist later joins the Environment committee with Shiraishi probably as she wants to spend more time with him. It turns out that a student named Sudou has also noticed the good work he has done on the committee the previous year and talks to him about it when he gets the chance.

Kubo and Shiraishi Join the Same Club

On the first day of his second year, Shiraishi reaches school prepared to start a new chapter in his life. Since the students are going to be distributed into different classes, he goes to the public board to learn which class he should go. It turns out that this year he will be studying in 2-1. Interestingly, he does not bother to check if Kubo is in the same class as him.

When he reaches 2-1, he goes to the board to check the seating arrangement. As he is finding his name, Kubo approaches him and tells him his seat is actually the last one in the row beside the window. Shiraishi is glad that she was in the same class as him. Interestingly, Tama and Hazuki are also allotted the same class. Shiraishi later finds out that Kubo sits right next to him.

When the class starts, Unzen-sensei informs the students that they will pick a committee to join now. Shiraishi has done a wonderful job on the Environmental committee the previous year, so Kubo decides to join him. The students start talking behind his back that he probably joined it because of Kubo, but Sudou defends him by pointing out the work he has done the previous year.

Does Shiraishi Considers Kubo His Friend? Why Did Sudou Wish to Talk to Shiraishi?

In the laboratory, Shiraishi notices that Sudou probably needs an eraser but does not have enough courage to talk to him. Kubo sitting right in front of him realizes this and asks him loudly how many erasers he has in his bag. It turns out that Shiraishi has come with five erasers that day because of the quiz. When Sudou realizes this, he borrows one. This leads to a conversation in which he admits that he has been meaning to talk to him for the last year.

It turns out that Sudou was also on the environmental committee of his class but unlike Shiraishi, he failed to take care of his flowers. Most of them did not blossom as they should and he really wanted to learn from Shiraishi. But whenever he visited his class, most of the students had no clue where he was. Because of that the two never really met. Apart from Kubo, Sudou is probably the only person who has noticed Shiraishi, so it seems that he is not as invisible to others as he would have previously thought.

As he is walking back home later that day, Shiraishi stops at a vending machine to grab a drink. That’s when he meets Kubo and the two decide to walk back home together. The two end up talking about youth and what their experiences have been like so far. When the conversation turns towards friends, Shiraishi says something to the effect that he does not have friends. This naturally infuriated Kubo, who feels that he just completely disregarded her existence.

Shiraishi obviously notices her reaction and starts to reconsider what he just said. When he asks whether he could consider her his friend, Kubo tells him that he has always seen him that way. Shiraishi appears quite happy once he hears this and tells her that having a friend really feels quite fulfilling. Considering he has spent all his life being ignored by others, it is understandable why Kubo’s friendship is so much to him.

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