Landon Heaton From Farmer Wants A Wife: All We Know About Him

When you imagine a dating reality TV show, the first thing that comes to your mind is a big beautiful villa alongside a beach with hot singles running around playing fun games in their swimwear. However, FOX has rebooted back one of the OG dating shows, which is nothing like what we described above. ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ is a reboot of the eponymous British dating show that aired in 2001. The series follows four handsome farmers who are visited by beautiful city women willing to adapt to the quaint lifestyle of the farms amidst the mud, dirt, and animal faeces, all in the name of love.

Season 1 of the show featured the handsome and shy ranch owner, Landon Heaton, who attempts to find his true love and share his ranch. His journey on the show is one of the most entertaining ones. But fans soon realized he preferred to keep his life under wraps, which naturally increased everyone’s curiosity. Well, fret not because here is everything we know about Landon.

Landon Heaton’s Cultural Roots: Rural American Rancher

A native of Alva, Oklahoma, 35-year-old Landon is a Cattle Rancher and farmer with over 300-acre Cattle Ranch, 300-acre farmland, and a 40-acre farmhouse property. The greatest concern that Landon Heaton revealed has nothing to do with the dangers of farm life. Landon revealed his fear of women, and his introverted, shy side was highlighted on the show.

Though all the other bachelors were a bit intimidated by the entry of the gorgeous city women, Landon was undoubtedly the most nervous, and it clearly showed that years of being single and living on a ranch of that size made it quite difficult for the farmer to adjust amidst so many women. He further revealed, “I can handle being thrown off a horse. I can handle being run over by a steer. Nothing makes me nervous. But they’re scaring me.”

Heaton gave the women a good time while dancing, which he expertly incorporated into a metaphor for dating. Though the reality TV star hasn’t revealed much about his family, likely because he wishes to keep that part of his life away from the limelight, we can infer he grew up in a loving family surrounded by animals.

Landon Heaton’s Profession

Landon studied at Oklahoma State University, but he kept his farm and animals as his major priorities. His social media profiles provide a good overview of the world of horses and cattle. He also has some other treasures, such as a film of Angus calves playing in front of an Oklahoma sunset. Yet cows aren’t the only thing in Heaton’s life. As a genuine farmer, he also trains retrievers and adores his horses. In his downtime, the farmer is seen having a great time with his horses and his other farm animals.

Landon Heaton’s Dating Life

Viewers must note that due to Landon’s preference for privacy, he rarely shares any updates on his personal life, and his current relationship status is, well and indeed, a mystery. While on the show, he mentioned that he valued generosity above everything else and wanted to find someone with that same trait. Moreover, the few pictures the reality star shared on social media clearly show the absence of a romantic someone. That, coupled with absolutely no news about Landon’s dating life, makes us believe he is currently single. Still, we would like to take this opportunity to wish him the best for future years.

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