Larry Bloom: Where is Molly Bloom’s Dad Now?

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‘Molly’s Game,’ the crime film, dramatizes the true story of Molly Bloom, who became the Organizer for an incredibly high-stakes Poker Game frequented by Hollywood stars, Wall Street titans, and even Russian mobsters. In fictionalizing the notable events of Molly’s life, the film follows her eventual rise to the top of the game before her business comes crashing down due to a couple of ill-advised decisions that invite the FBI’s involvement. Consequently, with defense lawyer Charlie Jaffey as her only saving grace, Molly undertakes the mission to save herself without sacrificing her morals.

While the narrative of the Aaron Sorkin directorial significantly focuses on the business aspect of Molly’s life as the famed Poker Nights manager, a subliminal emotional narrative arc— revolving around her strained relationship with her father— underlines the character’s story. Consequently, Kevin Costner’s Larry Bloom, Molly’s on-screen father, is bound to attract attention, compelling people to wonder about his real-life counterpart. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is Larry Bloom?

Even though Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Molly’s Game’ is adapted from her own autobiography and chronicles the real incidents that transpired in Molly Bloom’s life, the film maintains a certain distance from reality by fictionalizing characters and their names. Nevertheless, the Bloom family escapes the same treatment, with Molly, her father, Larry, and her brothers, Jordan and Jeremy, retaining their real-life identities in the film. The same is likely a product of Molly Bloom’s close involvement with the film’s development, which in turn ensured the family’s portrayal on screen remains as authentic as possible. As a result, Costner’s on-screen Larry Bloom only partly strays from his real-life counterpart.

In fact, the real-life Larry stated he found the performance and accuracy in the film “phenomenal” while also recognizing the occasional creative liberty Sorkin equipped in dramatizing reality. “It was so surreal. Watching this story unfold in front of me was indescribable,” he said in a conversation with The Rocky Mountain Collegian. As depicted in the film — Larry Bloom, Molly’s father, born in 1939 in Fort Collins, Colorado, is a clinical psychologist. Married to Charlene, the man has three kids: one daughter — Molly, and two sons — Jordan and Jeremy.

In his childhood, Larry was fond of the NFL and Olympic skiing, which is why perhaps, as he raised his kids in Loveland, Colorado, surrounded by mountains, the kids’ were bound to fall into skiing. Larry spoke about the same in a conversation with Daily Mail TV and said, “As a family, we went skiing a lot, we went waterskiing a lot and hiking and so on, and speaking for myself, I was the kind of father that wanted them to see that.” Nevertheless, he maintained that while he was a tough and fair guardian, he always encouraged his children to have fun.

Under his guidance, Molly became a skier and went on a path to achieving Olympic glory before an accident ended her athletic career goals. Consequently, the woman went away to California, where she fell in with a certain crowd at her job at the Viper Room. Eventually, the same evolved in her expansive Poker Game business, which led to her undergoing an FBI investigation. Larry and the rest of the Bloom family continued to support Molly during her criminal investigation and court trials.

The man briefly discussed his experience, stating, “Watching her [Molly] from the audience in a Federal court – it was frightening, scary, and just completely unreal to me that the United States Government was trying our daughter on these [felony] grounds. That was very frightening to me.” In the end, Molly was sentenced to probation, fines, and community service hours — as her family continued to unconditionally and unselfishly support her.

Larry Bloom is Now Retired and Continues to Be in Molly’s Corner

The Bloom family mostly remains recognizable in pop culture due to Olympic skier Jeremy’s athletic career alongside Molly’s penmanship of her autobiography and eventual involvement in Sorkin’s film. Yet, since both individuals lead pretty private lives otherwise, with Jeremy even having a private social media account, their father, Larry Bloom, tends to be away from the public eye for the most part. For the same reason, the man’s current whereabouts remain limited to his last-known residence in Loveland, Colorado, where he lives in retirement from his job as a Colorado State University psychology professor. For his noble contribution, he was also rewarded with the title — Professor Emeritus.

Last the media heard from Larry, he expressed his support for his daughter despite her difficult past experiences. “I think, she [Molly] made a mistake and paid a price for that mistake and learned from that mistake— and it made her better,” he said. Furthermore, Larry has also praised Molly for all she has achieved, saying, “Today, Molly is real, authentic, not in that world, not using any substances whatsoever, caring, feeling, being of service and getting a great deal of satisfaction from it, apologizing, taking responsibility. She’s a completely different person.” These days, Molly, who has started a family of her own, occasionally shares updates about her father on her social media accounts.

Larry also penned a piece on parenting on Jeremy Bloom’s website, wherein he praised his kids for their high achievements and shared his take regarding the aspects of their upbringing that led to the same. With advice focusing on setting boundaries, consequences, and personal responsibility, Larry goes into detail about the methods he employed to prepare his children for the real world, sharing his opinion and philosophy with the readers.

In October 2023, Larry accompanied Jeremy to a football game, where they cheered on the athletic team the Colorado Buffaloes. Thus, from what we can tell, Larry is enjoying his days of retirement doing what gives him pleasure. He seems to be tight with his kids and never misses a chance to create loving memories with them.

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