Larry Levasseur and Mitch McCormick: Where Are the Winnipeg Police Officers Now?

With Hulu’s ‘The Jewel Thief’ living up to its title in e very way imaginable, we get a true insight into the life of one of the most creative criminal masterminds in modern history, Gerald Blanchard. After all, it incorporates first-hand accounts of not just the felon himself but also the detectives to have captured him, along with others close to the matter, to really let his actuality shine through. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about the two leading Winnipeg Police Officials in connection to this matter — Larry Levasseur as well as Mitch McCormick — we have got you covered.

Larry Levasseur is Thriving in Security Roles Post-Retirement

It was ostensibly back when Larry was a young boy growing up in Manitoba, Canada, that he first developed a keen interest in police work, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. He thus continually did everything in his power — both educationally and physically — to pursue his dreams, which actually panned out in 1987 with his induction into the Winnipeg Police Service. It hence comes as no surprise he then dedicated the next 22 years of his life to the people by working under Child Abuse Unit, Police Background Investigations, Internal Affairs, and other departments.

Image Credit: Larry Levasseur/LinkedIn

According to reports, Larry happily retired from active government service in 2009 as Sergeant In Charge of the Commercial Crimes Unit, yet he didn’t step away from the protective industry. Instead, he joined Manitoba Hydro as a Security & Investigations Advisor (2009-2011) before moving on to MTS Allstreas to be a Sr. Investigator & Client Security Services Manager (2011-2014).

Larry then evolved into Director of Corporate Security at Pollard Banknote, which is a position he actually holds to this day while comfortably residing alongside his family in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We should mention he’s even a proud Security Representative at the National Hockey League and a National Board Member of the Association of Certified Forensic Investigators (2002-Present).

Mitch McCormick is Engaged in Post-Retirement Community Roles

Although born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the reason Mitchell (or Mitch) joined the police service was actually much different than Larry’s, yet he ended up staying there for a lot longer. “They were looking for a right winger on the Winnipeg Police hockey team,” he elucidated in the film. “They approached me about maybe applying, and I ended up getting on and just kind of [found] my niche.”

Mitch reportedly started as a uniformed officer but gradually evolved into a detective, following which he worked in the Vice Division, the Break-and-Enter Squad, and the Major Crimes Unit. He even spent around 15 years with the SWAT unit as a part-time member, where he eventually ended up in the position of Team Leader In Charge of the Assault Squad in high-risk situations. Then, following a total of 27½ years of active service, the then-Major Crimes Unit Supervisor decided to retire for good while still remaining a part of the industry in other committee/security ways.

From what we can tell, Mitch often spoke publicly at committee meetings such as that of Safety and National Security, plus he later evolved into the Co-ordinator of Emergency Measures Organization for the districts of Cartier, St. Francois Xavier, and Headingley. As for his current standing, it appears as if the former detective still resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, alongside his wife and is often surrounded by his two adult daughters as well as their loved ones.

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