Laura Bileskalne From Below Deck Down Under: All We Know About the Star

Image Credit: Laura Bileskalne/Instagram

An exciting spinoff of the ‘Below Deck‘ series, ‘Below Deck Down Under,’ follows the crew of a luxury yacht as they go about their daily business during a charter season in Australia. Moreover, it is interesting to get a sneak peek into the lives of the staff as they balance professional and personal commitments while dealing with demanding clients simultaneously. Likewise, season 2 of ‘Below Deck Down Under’ introduces us to Laura Bileskalne, a Latvian national who works as a stewardess on the Northern Sun Yacht. With Laura being pretty new to reality TV, fans are eager to find out everything about her, and we come bearing answers!

Laura’s Gymnastics Passion: Flourishing From a Young Age

Although Laura Bileskalne is yet to reveal her exact age, she celebrates her birthday on May 15 every year and originally hails from the city of Riga in Latvia. Growing up in a close-knit and loving family, she developed a deep familial bond with her close ones and has maintained it to this day. Laura’s parents were the ones who encouraged her and pushed her to achieve her dreams since childhood, and she still holds them responsible for the success she enjoys today. On top of it, she even takes time out of her busy schedule to make memories with the people closest to her.

Interestingly, Laura developed a passion for gymnastics from a young age and built a remarkable reputation in the sport during high school. However, after graduating in 2011, she went to Denmark, where she pursued a course on Marketing and Sales from the International Business Academy in Kolding and even studied International Relations at the Frederica-based Højskolen Snoghøj.

Laura Bileskalne’s Professional Timeline

After graduating from university, Laura embarked on a successful sales and hospitality career spanning over eight years. During her time in Europe, specifically Barcelona, she worked as a Project Executive for NRG Events and later got into corporate sales with MEventos and the Marcus Evans Group. Also, Laura worked as a Freight Forwarder for Intercargo Scandinavia A/S between September 2016 and August 2017 before finding employment with Teleperformance Spain. Additionally, she gained valuable experience working as an Events and Experience Manager with Atelier Tramontana.

However, readers will be interested to know that Laura has always felt most at home as a chef. Once she realized her passion for cooking, she put her talents to use and, in 2018, came up with the innovative idea of Barcelona’s first 1 Table restaurant. The interesting idea, coupled with Laura’s mouthwatering food, soon made the restaurant a must-visit for travelers and foodies, and she loves providing experiences that stay on for a lifetime. Nevertheless, with time, she gravitated to life on the ocean and had about three years of experience in yachting at the time of filming. However, while Laura mainly worked in the industry as a yacht chef, ‘Below Deck Down Under’ has her filling in the role of a Stewardess.

Laura Bileskalne: Single or Secretly Dating?

Laura is pretty active on social media and loves sharing snippets from her everyday life with her followers. As a matter of fact, her Instagram posts make her love for traveling pretty apparent, as she has incredible pictures of all the exotic places she visited. However, despite being open about her personal life, the reality star prefers to keep her dating history under wraps and hasn’t talked much about her boyfriend.

Interestingly, Laura has a few pictures with her supposed boyfriend, which show them enjoying life and each other’s company, although the posts stopped abruptly after 2018. On top of it, she even had a brief fling while on ‘Below Deck Down Under,’ which makes us believe she is currently single.

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