Margot Sisson From Below Deck Down Under: All We Know About the Star

Image Credit: Margot Sisson/Instagram

Much like the original ‘Below Deck‘ series, ‘Below Deck Down Under‘ is an interesting spin-off that follows the crew of a luxury yacht during a charter season in Australia. While the reality TV show showcases how the crew juggles their personal and professional commitments while dealing with guests simultaneously, the added romance and drama make things more thrilling. Likewise, season 2 of ‘Below Deck Down Under’ introduces us to Margot Sisson, a native of Washington State, who takes up the role of a stewardess on the Northern Sun Yacht. Well, with people eager to learn more, here’s everything we know about Margot.

Margot Sisson Grew Up in Seattle

Margot Sisson celebrates her birthday on August 28 every year, although she has yet to reveal her actual age publicly. Nevertheless, she grew up in a loving household in Seattle, Washington State, which made her realize the importance of a family from a young age. Hence, to this day, Margot keeps her familial bond alive and remains grateful to her parents for the success she enjoys. On top of it, she even takes time out of her busy schedule to spend with her loved ones.

We are sorry to report that Margot hasn’t revealed much about her educational background to the public. However, her social media posts speak volumes about her amicable nature, and it is heartwarming to witness the reality TV star have a wonderful time with friends. Besides, Margot is highly passionate about traveling, and her Instagram profile is full of pictures from the places she visited.

Margot Sisson’s Profession

Unfortunately, Margot prefers to keep her professional journey under wraps and hasn’t spoken about her life before joining the yachting industry. Nevertheless, readers will be surprised that she already knew fellow yachtie Natasha DeBourg, the chef from ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht,’ as they worked on a boat together. Moreover, the latter even praised Margot’s work ethic and hinted at her being a quick learner.

At the time of filming, Margot Sisson had about two years of experience in the yachting industry, and most of that time was spent as a stewardess. Interestingly, the reality TV star even spoke of her weirdest experience on a yacht when a guest asked her to pop a massive zit on his back. However, Margot mentioned that the zit turned out to be a boil and advised the guest to visit a doctor. Even though there were several experienced staff members on the Northern Sun Yacht, who treated her as a newcomer, most of them praised her dedication and attentiveness.

Besides, Chief Steward Aesha Scott even had high praise for Margot as she talked about her in an interview with TV Insider and said, “Margot had was common sense. She didn’t have the experience, but she took direction really well. She took initiative. She just worked so hard. She really wanted to prove herself and show she was a valuable member of the team.” Hence, with Margot proving to be a massive asset on the yacht, we wish her the best for the future.

Margot Sisson’s Boyfriend is a Standup Comedian

Although Margot hasn’t talked about her boyfriend explicitly, her social media posts make his presence quite apparent. From the looks of it, she is in a wonderful relationship with Ben Winding, who seemingly works as a standup comedian. While Margot and Ben appear to be very much in love, he has been featured on her profile since 2016, and it is lovely to witness their friendly dynamic. Thus, with the ‘Below Deck Down Under’ star having the time of her life, we hope happiness never eludes her.

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